Sunday, January 17, 2016

Frugal things, + Sunday updates

Just finished watching the Seahawks game (*sob*). What a rough way to go out. It's been a lovely & mostly relaxing afternoon.

I got up early (5:00), as Sam's sleepover buddy is apparently a very early riser. Oh boy. ;-) Got the kids fed breakfast, stripped the beds, washed the sheets, picked almost the last of the mandarins. . . those blasted squirrels are making the most enormous mess in my yard! I don't object to sharing the bounty with the animals, but they are the biggest mess makers, & put me in a foul mood!

Anyway, on to soccer practice, lunch (tomato soup & grilled cheese - delicious) & now I'm prepping dinner, despite the early hour. Both boys have games at different times this afternoon & evening, so I'm getting the dinner sorted, so everyone can eat, even if not together.

I also managed to get in a workout while the kids were at soccer practice, so I can mark that off of my list as well!

Here are a few frugal things we accomplished this week:

  • Contacted our trash service to reduce our pickup in half, as we've managed to cut our waste significantly. Saving = unknown, as we're waiting to hear back on our new bill. But, let's say conservatively we will save $100 this year.
  • Set up our trash service for automatic payment. While not frugal on the service, this reduces any potential risk of forgetting to pay, and gives us credit card rewards for a standard bill. It also just saves time.
  • Cleaned our own house, saving $80. (I pay the service $90, but gave each child $5 for about an hour's worth of work cleaning. The quality was not the best, but I know they will get better with supervision & feedback.)
  • Avoided grabbing takeout, when the movie we went to see ran later than expected yesterday. Instead, I doctored up a couple of frozen pizzas. Savings = $30
  • Bought candy at Rite Aid & divided it up into 5 bags (we went with other kids) to share, save money, & ensure no one got too much junk. ;-) Savings = $5+
  • No nanny tomorrow, which will save a minimum of $50, as we both have the day off work.

Total savings for the week = $265. Not bad for just paying attention & making frugal choices!!

What about you? How is your Sunday going? Did you have any frugal wins for the week?

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  1. So funny, a doctored up frozen pizza is what we eat to avoid fast food too. Hubby asked me the other day "do you think other people put more toppings on these?" lol. I like to have one at the ready just in case we are too tired to cook.