Sunday, January 10, 2016

Menu planning, and a relaxing Sunday

I've had a productive day so far - I took the boys to soccer practice, and ran on the track while they played. Then a trip to Costco to pick up beef for dinner, and a stop at the produce stand and Trader Joes for the rest of our weekly groceries.

I've also worked on a project that's due tomorrow, picked the rest of our mandarins to share at work, and made lunch for everyone. Next up: laundry, potentially reading my book, coloring, and helping Nick with a school project.

I have a team offsite this week, so our schedule is a bit off. Here's what we'll be having for dinner during the week:

  • Sunday - rice, Persian beef kebabs, and yogurt sauce
  • Monday - leftover tacos for the kids, risotto for the adults
  • Tuesday - I'll be home late, so I'll ask the nanny to heat up the remaining chicken pastina for the adults, and spaghetti and meatballs for the kids
  • Wednesday - I have a work dinner, so I'm guessing M will either take the kids to Sweet Tomatoes, or heat up a frozen pizza
  • Thursday - leftover kebabs & rice
  • Friday - Chicken marsala casserole
  • Saturday - homemade calzones
That should do it! What about you? How is your day going? What are you serving this week?


  1. The chicken marsala casserole sounds yummy. Recipe?

    1. Absolutely - it's here -