Friday, January 1, 2016

Menu plan for the week

My youngest child is *extremely* picky, so we've all decided to make a concerted effort to expand his taste in 2016. I realize this is going to lead to some tears & hungry nights, but we're not currently doing him any favors by making separate meals, or having pasta in the fridge that we heat up for him. I'll be posting some of our favorite recipes, as well as the new items that everyone in my family has agreed to try. ;-)

In the meantime, here's our menu plan for the week+ ahead:

  • Friday - 1/1 - Skewered shrimp + homemade macaroni & cheese (freezer)
  • Saturday - 1/2 - Steak, stuffing, mashed potatoes (using up the very last of a bag I bought for Thanksgiving)
  • Sunday - 1/3 - Spaghetti & bolognese sauce
  • Monday - 1/4 - Grilled chicken (freezer), & leftover stuffing & mashed potatoes
  • Tuesday - 1/5 - Leftover spaghetti & bolognese sauce
  • Wednesday - 1/6 - Chicken & vegetables with quinoa (new recipe)
  • Thursday - 1/7 - Tacos & guacamole
  • Friday - 1/8 - Oven baked chicken risotto

What are you serving this week?


  1. Hunger will make picky kids eat eventually. ;-)
    How about you give him an option of cooking his own dinner if he is that picky and if he is at an age that that is feasible?

    Good luck with it! No clue yet on a menu here as we just got in the door from our trip. laundry takes precedence for now. lolz

  2. Your menu looks yummy! And good luck on getting your picky eater to expand his diet. As for our own menu plan, that is on my list of to dos later this week (am going to try to get consistent with doing this this year!).