Saturday, January 23, 2016

Saturday happenings

Why hello there, Saturday. It feels more like a Sunday, as I have to head to the airport tomorrow at 9:00 am. Oh boy. But, by leaving on a Sunday morning, we can maximize our time in the office & still be back by Thursday night. I have to take the red eye on Thursday (Tokyo time), but hopefully I can sleep a little on the return flight.

So, here's what's up on this somewhat rainy, somewhat sunny Saturday!

  1. Take the kids to the library. Done, although Nick forgot the overdue book at school, & now I owe $2.75. If I check out the boys books on my account, I get fined if they are overdue. However, our library doesn't actually charge late fees on the kids accounts. Must remember this for next time. 
  2. Roughly estimate our taxes. Again, SUPER rough, as I just use our tax percentage from last year & try to back into the numbers. But, this is done! I have us budgeted to owe another $20K, just to be safe, but I think it will be significantly less. *fingers crossed*. By doing this, I can now have a better sense of our bonus money allocation for the year. 
  3. Hit the produce stand. Done. I got radishes, romaine, cucumber, & whole wheat lavosh bread (M uses it every morning for breakfast). 
  4. 45 minutes of cardio. 
  5. Yoga
  6. Take Nick to his soccer game.
  7. Pack for my trip. 90% of the way there. The rest needs to be packed tomorrow.
  8. Reply to a couple of urgent emails from our VP. Done. Always a treat on a Saturday morning. ;-) 
  9. Plan next week, send schedule to M & our nanny. 
  10. Drop off leftover sleepover items at Nick's friend's house. He somehow forgot to do this all week.
  11. Laundry
  12. Make homemade pizza. Dough is made, just the rollout/topping part remains.
  13. Make Costco list.
  14. Go to the grocery store to use a $5 off of a $25 purchase coupon. Found some huge deals, including 2lb bags of pasta for $2. It's very rare to find a pound of pasta for under $1 these days, and my boys eat *a lot* of pasta. I also had one $1 off the pasta coupon, and found closeout tahini for $6.99 to round out my order. Also had to pick up jello for a school project. All told, I saved 40% on my order, which was pretty great. We rarely go to the grocery store (just Costco & the produce stand), but the occasional stop can pay off.
And, that's it! I hope you are all having an outstanding weekend. What are you trying to accomplish today? 


  1. Another trip to Tokyo! At least you are earning some mileage which hopefully will offset some future family travel. I can't wait until our produce stands open up again here - May :( I cherrypicked some deals at our drugstore which now carries food - loss leaders which is in the same parking lot of my bank which is where I had to pick up my Euro order. We aren't going to spain for 2 mos but our exchange rate is so crappy I didn't want to take a chance that it will get worse against the Euro. I dropped 2 bags of clothes and one bag of empty bags at my new favorite thrift store and was rewarded with finding 4 10 gallon foodsafe storage glass jars (I've been looking for large food storage containers for months) for $4 each. For an investment of $16 I am now set for live on buying bulk items such as rice and flour and can finally put away the large flour sack that is in the utility room. I hope you have a nice safe trip!

  2. I know it's work, but I envy your trip to Tokyo. We always get/got stuck with a redeye flight back home from Japan - ugh. I never can sleep on those flights.

    We got our taxes done this week as well. Not as good as we hoped but also not as bad as we feared so it all works out. I'm just glad their done as well as the two FAFSAs for the girls.

    Have a great trip!