Sunday, January 31, 2016

Sunday Funday

I'm pretty tired this morning (my body clock is still not adjusted, which means I couldn't fall asleep on time last night.) I'm really struggling to wake up & be productive!

Here's what's on the schedule for today:

  1. Take the boys to soccer practice
  2. Run/walk during their practice
  3. Arm workout
  4. Yoga
  5. Make pizza dough for our dinner
  6. Bake bread
  7. Make taco meat for freezer
  8. About an hour or so of work stuff that's crept up over the weekend
  9. Work week plan with nanny & M
  10. Menu plan for the week
  11. Recap January goals
  12. Set February goals 
  13. Figure out a date with M
  14. Clean up work calendar (including setting workouts)
  15. Order remaining boys birthday presents

And, to just kick off #10, here goes!

  • Saturday - kebabs & rice (last night)
  • Sunday - homemade pizza. I'm thinking of chicken pesto pizza for the adults, and pepperoni for the kiddos.
  • Monday - eggplant & meatballs with pasta (leftover tortellini)
  • Tuesday - tacos
  • Wednesday - leftover kebabs & rice (I have a work dinner) 
  • Thursday - chicken taquitos (me) & tacos (kids) - M will be at a dinner
  • Friday - oven baked chicken risotto

What about you? What's on your menu this week? Any big goals or challenges to accomplish on the last day of the month? :-) 


  1. Wow, busy day! But domestic so you will end up happy at the end. I hope to make bread today and for dinner will be foil chicken/veggie/rice packets in the oven with salad on the side. Hubby is doing some touch up painting today - I will help with the cleanup afterward plus clean a bathroom. Not much else planned unless the rain holds off then can take Buddy the dog for a walk. I don't meal plan more than a day in advance as hubby likes to decide what we eat each day (*I give him two choices based on what we have in the house and my energy level lol)

  2. I was thrilled that my bread maker was back in service. I was able to make non-heated things (bread or pizza dough), but last time I tried to bake bread in it, it got super hot & smokey. I took it apart a bit & cleaned it from top to bottom. Today I'm happy to report that it turned out glorious bread. :-) And, you are a brave woman to not have a meal plan. I feel like that would lead to a lot of bickering in my house. ;-)