Saturday, March 5, 2016

A gray Saturday

The weather is cloudy & rainy here, but my morning is off to a good start. The boys college refund checks came through, & I finally made it to the bank yesterday to deposit the money. The money cleared my account this morning, & I transferred it to their new Utah college plans. Woohoo! I had 60 days to avoid tax penalty, so I didn't want to cut it too close.

Although this has been a bit of a pain, I got very lucky with my original 529 investments. My investments yielded just over a 7% year over year return. Some years were better than others, but that was the average. The money is now all transferred into my desired account & I can mark something off of my March to do list. Progress!

I managed to do a 25 minute elliptical workout yesterday, which demonstrated that I'm slowly but surely (emphasis on slowly ;-)) coming back from my surgery. I also had a good conversation with my manager about working from home every Friday. She was very supportive. It was the right moment for such a conversation, as we've had some turnover on the team.

Here's what we're hoping to do today:

  1. Work out. I'm thinking a walk & maybe a strength workout. I don't think my abs are ready for yoga or pilates yet.
  2. Two soccer scrimmages (may be canceled due to rain)
  3. If the scrimmages are canceled, Sam has an indoor soccer game to attend
  4. Wrap some birthday gifts
  5. Itemize the garage freezer. I've made progress cleaning out some random items, and need to make a new inventory.
  6. Library, for new books as well as some returns.
  7. I'd like to get the boys to account for all of their current spending money & start showing them how the college investment account works. We'll create a mandatory savings for their personal money, as my parents did for me. I think I had to save 25% of my "income"? 
  8. Laundry. It just never stops. ;-)
  9. Clean the boys room. (I'll help them clean).
  10. Figure out a menu for the week

All in all, should be a nice, relaxing day. What do you have planned for today? 


  1. Were in for lots of rain later ,too, and WIND! I hate the wind, i have a wind phobia from when I saw 2 giant trees fall in a wind storm a number of years ago. I guess i'll just bury my head under a pillow!

    1. The weather has been nuts! Hopefully the wind, at least, stops. When Sam was an infant, we had a huge, huge wind storm in Seattle. I took him out of his crib at night, and had him sleep in our bed because i was so afraid a tree would fall on his room. In fact, one giant tree fell about 20 feet from his room, and a few years later, another huge tree fell very close to his room as well. Totally freaks me out to think about!

  2. It's snowing here, so pretty grey (or white), the sky is very grey too.

    I love number 7 on the list! You are such a great mom.

    1. I'm working on it! My parents were super big on fiscal responsibility (more so when I was growing up - they've gotten much more "free" with their money as they've gotten older). They paid off their house when they were 40, etc. It was a really good way for me to learn about finances, and it wasn't a forbidden topic at our house. I feel like it taught me a lot that I still use as my financial baseline.