Friday, March 25, 2016

Weekly spending recap 3/14-3/20, and TGIF!

So super happy it's Friday. It's been a very long work week. So, so long. I'm in the home stretch, and hope to catch up on my real life this weekend. ;-)

We had a couple of very spendy weeks, and it always helps me to be accountable if I detail all of our spending, no matter how ugly. So, here goes. Nick found a bike on the side of the road with a "free" sign, so he is currently rebuilding the bike with M as a father/son project. It's hilarious & adorable.

Monday, 3/14 - no spend day
Tuesday, 3/15 - no spend day
Wednesday, 3/16 - no spend day
Thursday, 3/17 - Out to dinner for Nick's 9th birthday! $69.74 at his favorite Greek restaurant
Friday, 3/18 - no spend day
Saturday, 3/19

  • $35.06 - gas
  • $117.84 - groceries, at Costco
  • $24.89 - M surprised me with a delicious bottle of Chardonnay. We haven't been on a date in months, so he was trying to make our evening happy hour at home special. Still a savings over a sitter & restaurant meal
  • $1.04 - rust remover for the bike at Home Depot. (Price after using a gift card for the rest)
  • $8.57 - a birthday gift for Nick
  • $37.16 - new bike helmet for Sam, as his cracked
  • $36 - house stuff at Costco. Batteries & ziplock bags, or something. M lost the receipt. ;-)

Sunday, 3/20

  • $1410 - soccer fees for spring season, for both kids
  • $53.77 - bought 6x soccer snacks (three times per season, for two kids) from Costco, plus 80 bottles of water for our emergency supplies. I had a special promotional offer, and hate remembering to pick up healthy snacks for post soccer game snacks, when I'm in charge of team snacks.
  • $70.20 - Easter gifts for the boys. They are each getting a package of gummy bunnies, two books, and a Pokemon set. 

Total spent for the week = $1864.27. Not crazy, given that $1410 was for soccer. Always opportunities to cut things back, though. :-)

And with that, let the weekend begin!!!

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  1. We are fortunate that really terrific sports clubs do a lit to keep athletics affirdable. At U15, we're still under $300 for a soccer season plus uniform of $100 but hers will probably fit until they change style so should get 1-2 more seasons. Good planning ahead on the treat front. You are an excellent executive of your home.