Sunday, March 20, 2016

Weekly spending recap 3/7-3/13, and menu plan

I've spent the majority of my day doing laundry today, as I found out that one of the boys who attended Nick's birthday sleepover on Friday night had lice. It was not intentional, as the mom only discovered it on Saturday, after they'd left our house. But, oh, the amount of work required! We've had lice before & it was incredibly difficult to get rid of.

So, I've washed all of the bedding, blankets, stuffed animals, jackets, and am sealing the bike helmets that were shared while the kids were riding skateboards. 

Just the kind of project I was looking for on a relaxing Sunday. ;-) 

I made mahi mahi fish tacos last night for the adults, and the kids had regular ground beef tacos. Here's the menu for the rest of the week:
  • Sunday - bbq burgers & tortelllini
  • Monday - Pasta & meatballs
  • Tuesday - Tacos
  • Wednesday - Leftover burgers
  • Thursday - Chicken pesto pasta
  • Friday - Homemade risotto or rice pilaf

And, here's our spending roundup for a week back. I'm behind on my posting & budgeting, as you can see! It was a very, very expensive week, as I booked the majority of our travel plans for the rest of the year.

Monday (3/7) - $14.71. Sewing supplies for Nick's teddy bear, that he's had since he was born. Teddy's head is about to detach from his body, so he needs some sewing TLC. ;-)

Tuesday (3/8) - No spend day

Wednesday (3/9)

  • $476.40 - flights for my parents to spend time with the boys in place of a summer camp. This is much cheaper than camp for two, and my parents are thrilled.
  • $1230.60 - flights for me + the boys for our summer trip. We will buy M's trip once his schedule is finalized.
  • $325.20 - I'm leaving the boys with my parents for a week & flying back & forth before our vacation, so this is my extra flight.
  • $152.20 - super, super cheap flight for my Hood to Coast trip. I booked it because the deal was so great, even though I won't be flying for 5 months.
  • $15 - monthly gift to my Aunt. She is disabled & used to get quite a bit of help from my grandmother, who is now deceased. Every month I help out, but also give her a little spending money that she uses for a meal out. Her "fun" money.

Thursday (3/10) - No spend day

Friday (3/11) - No spend day
Saturday (3/12)

  • Library fines - $35.75. *cringe*. Nick lost three books somewhere. No one knows where. We searched the entire house. I think he may have accidentally put them in a donation pile. He had to pay for this out of his own money, but still. What a giant waste.
  • Target - $6. Soccer snacks (goldfish crackers)
  • $3.99 - sandwich at Costco for Sam, while he & M were shopping.
  • $123.12 - groceries at Costco
  • $378.67 - wine. A case of my favorite wine, in fact. A huge splurge, but one that will last all year.
  • $11.96 - groceries at Trader Joes
  • $5.79 - produce stand
  • $12 - two basic tshirts for me at Target, to replace a couple that are no longer suitable for public.
  • $15.18 - a birthday gift for a kids party
  • $1660.03 - flights for 4 to Hawaii (Thanksgiving trip)
  • $1111.70 - two nights hotel in Hawaii (the rest covered by points)
  • $44.80 - tax on frequent flier tickets, but this is for 4 tickets to Portland for Christmas
Sunday (3/13)

  • $16.91 - Target. Soap rack for kitchen after our old one broke.
  • $100 - reloaded our Amazon gift card to get $100 credit. We will use to repair the free bike we found on the side of the road. ;-)
  • $80 - for a $100 Southwest Airlines gift card. M flies Southwest on a few of his trips, and this will offset part of the cost.
  • $19.69 - birthday gift for Nick at Sports Authority. A new Giants hat.
  • $15 - hair cut for M

Total spent = $5854.70. Holy smokes!!! No wonder I'm so twitchy about money right now. The travel will come out of our yearly budget, but it's a lot to leave the budget all at once.

And, that's it. I need to finish this week's spending, wrap up my laundry, and get some additional chores done. Looking forward to a nice, quiet evening at home.

How about you? Do you track your weekly spending? How are you doing with your goals?

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