Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Weekly spending roundup - 2/29/-3/6/16

As you can see, the week I book summer camps is one of the most expensive of the year! In fact, I still need one more week of camp, but it's significantly cheaper to fly both of my parents here for the week. I still need to sort out that week. Also, because I  assumed I wouldn't need much camp coverage this summer (40 week plan), I didn't put money in my FSA, which would have helped to offset the cost. That was a huge mistake. :-(
  • 2/29 (Monday) - $363, for our nanny. Great to see this at such a low amount. We've done a good job of managing our schedule to reduce costs as much as possible. When you're paying $22/hour, ever 15 minute chunk adds up!
  • 3/1 (Tuesday)
    • +11.23 - reimbursement for a prescription
    • $75. Credit card fee for our travel rewards card. I put this in the travel budget category, as we have the card to offset travel costs. Any upfront fees need to be accounted for similarly. 
    • $80. A hair cut for me. I try to limit these to 3x/year. I went much shorter this time around, as I was tried of always pulling my hair back. 
    • $810. One week of summer camp for the boys, including early drop off/late pick up. Necessary with our work schedules.
    • $1410. One week of sleepaway camp for the boys.
    • $1112.80. Another week of camp.
    • $4.18 - produce stand. Cucumbers.
  • 3/2 (Wednesday)
    • $709.80 - another week of summer camp
    • $1328 - and, another week of camp.
  • 3/3 (Thursday)
    • $31.96 - dinner out. I obviously didn't have my meals sorted properly this week, and really needed a cooking break on Thursday. This is unusual for us.
  • 3/4 (Friday) - No spend day
  • 3/5 (Saturday)
    • $22.19 - a gift for my sister.
    • $8.35 - lunch out for the three of us
    • $4 - ice cream to celebrate the end of indoor soccer
  • 3/6 (Sunday)
    • $4, airport parking. Picking M up after his trip. Way cheaper than an Uber.
    • $106.50 - Costco, weekly groceries.
    • $29.96 - 4 bottles of inexpensive wine
    • $5.15 - produce stand for radishes, lavosh bread & kale
    • $47.71 - gas

Total spent = $6141.37. Sweet mercy! Obvious outliers = 5 weeks of childcare/camp. And, that's it, and clearly all I can handle typing out, as it's so painful. ;-) What about you? Did you track your weekly spend? How are you doing? 


  1. Camp costs can be ridiculous. We had to send ours to a camp 5 hours way as that was the CLOSEST one that was affordable!
    There are excellent Summer camps where we use to live, 1.5 hours away but they are over $1K a week(and that was about 10 yrs. ago!). Why?! Because they cater to the wealthy in NYC, Northeast NJ and PHILLY that send their children to camp in the "country".
    Our dilemmna led to some very long car trips over the Summer but we are glad we sent them.

  2. OMG! Book a flight to ND for your boys, I'll pick them up and take them to a $200 camp for the week. It would be cheaper. We can meet via face time so you can realize I'm normal and trustworthy. Only partially kidding...

  3. I think summer camps, both overnight and day camps are really great things for kids.
    We let ours go to camps during the summer and I was always glad I had sons. My kids took a few outfits, a sleeping bag, swimsuits and personal toiletries and they were ready for a week. My friends with daughters bought new sheets, comforters, side table lamps, cork boards and insane amounts of new clothes for camp.

  4. Cool about the haircut! It was fun to learn how much a haircut costs, because I thought the Swedish standard of about 55 dollars (converted from Swedish krona, SEK) was very expensive. I too treat myself a few times a year.