Wednesday, March 2, 2016

February Goals Check In

We got a bonus day out of February this month, so how did it go? As a recap, we had two birthdays (mine & Sam's), a trip to Portland, and my surgery in February. We didn't, however, have any international travel for me. Woop! :-) And, it was a rough fitness month.


  • Stick to our budget - yes! We were over in some categories & under in others, but we came in at $315 under our total February budget.
  • Hand off all paperwork to our accountant - Yes! Still waiting for the verdict on how much we owe. Shivers.
  • Save $1,500 - Yes! I saved $3,500!! Woohoo!
  • Model out the potential to rent our vacation house - Yes, although the numbers had a very high range. 
  • Fill out all licensing paperwork/get on waiting list for renting out our vacation house - Mailed!


  • Keep our February birthday trip in budget - Definitely in budget. We did well!
  • Have a date night with M - No. My regular sitter is never available. I need to find some additional options.
  • Lock down the dates for the rest of the year (vacations, time off, etc). This includes M taking my dad & his buddies to LV for a milestone birthday, our family Hawaii trip, and a potential long weekend with M. -I was only able to lock in the Las Vegas trip. We're still on the fence about Hawaii & the long weekend date.

  • Lose 2 pounds (trying to be realistic, as I'll be on vacation for a few days) - My weight is steady, which is good given my birthday & a trip. I'm still waiting to see how everything adjusts, post-surgery.
  • Eat 5 servings of fruits & vegetables - I finished the month at 3.5, which is good, but not great. I had about a week there (post-surgery), where digestive issues prohibited a high intake of produce. ;-) 
  • Complete 7 stretching workouts (yoga or pilates) - It was not a great month for working out. Zero stretching workouts were completed!
  • Complete 6 strength workouts - And, one strength workout. 
  • Complete 500 minutes of cardio - I completed 430 minutes, which isn't too shabby given that I was unable to do anything for a week. 
  • Average 1450 calories/day - I netted out with 1470 - which is great!!
  • Run 5 times. Start working on 5K build up. -I ran twice, and plan to get started again with a Couch to 5K plan in a week or so, after my stomach feels better.

  • Maximum of one late night/week - Yes! Finally! Although, there's already a lot on the calendar fo next week.
  • Work from home at least one Friday this month - Yes, I worked from home 3x in February on Fridays, and it was great!

  • Read four books - I've read at least 10 books - all of that down time after surgery. ;-) 
  • Color in my adult coloring book - Nope 
  • Get together with a friend - I saw my best friend & sister last weekend, & we carved out girl time to go on a nice hike, plus I got in a two hour hike with another friend! 

And, that rounds out my month. All in all, it went about how I expected it. I need to make big things happen in March!! How about you? How did you do with your February goals? 

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  1. Lots of green there, some yellow, and very little red - looks like you did pretty well to me!

    I hope one of these days that you'll try Kaua'i when you come to Hawai'i!