Saturday, July 23, 2016

Finally, it's Saturday

I had big plans for a weekend without any major commitments (save for swimming lessons for the kids), but M forgot to mention a work barbecue today. So, sitter is now arranged, and half the day will be spent with his peers. I'll be honest & say that I look forward to relaxing weekends without major commitments, but . . . what can you do? :-)

Anyway, I have quite a bit I'd like to get done this weekend (shocking, really),  so here's my list:

  1. Sort lunches for the kids (our sitter for today doesn't cook)
  2. 4-5 mile pace walk (training for my race in August)
  3. 7 mile pace walk
  4. Yoga
  5. Strength workout
  6. Menu plan
  7. Wash sheets
  8. Schedule for the week
  9. Workout plans for the week
  10. Clean closet
  11. Return library books. A few are overdue - yikes.
  12. Inventory freezer
  13. Make lemon poppyseed muffins (and, find a recipe)
  14. Use up all loose lemons in the fridge
  15. Buy new running shoes
  16. Return a few items to the outdoor mall
  17. Buy school supplies
I've realized lately that I really need the weekends to recharge, and in between social engagements (girls trip to Napa, family vacations, etc), I greatly enjoy the time to relax and get organized, so I can survive the work weeks. What about you? Do you like to be busy on weekends with plans, or spend that time on your own projects?


  1. It's hard to have commitments that are all day, or intersect the day on weekends.I also am not a fan of last minute committments-impromptu and spontaneous is good on occasion, if not required/expected to attend,so your bbq lunch would be a real annoyance as I would feel like I lost a day.

  2. I hate work commitments on weekends, in our previous corporate life it was hard to avoid since hubby was sales manager for 4 radio stations and there were alot of social functions we were expected to be at. Life now on weekends is much more relaxed although sometimes hubby is traveling part of them for our company. He doesn't get back until Sunday morning but at least we have the rest of Sunday. Not much you can do about it unfortunately. Hopefully you might have a good time there