Saturday, July 9, 2016

June budget recap - where did all of the money go?

June was a bit of an irregular budget month, as we refinanced our vacation house. We had some expenses related to that, but ended up getting a large chunk back in July (not reflected here, as it occurred in July).

Overall, we were under by $715. I'll take it!

Areas where we were over:

  • Dining out - Over by $484! This was due to a variety of things. M's birthday, Father's Day, a celebration of the last day of school, and an overnight Father's Day trip. 
  • Groceries - Over by $68. Not too bad, considering we hosted six extra people at our vacation house for 4 days. 
  • Alcohol - over by $103. See above. Entertaining. :-) 
  • Toiletries - Over by $8. Had to restock our vacation house with a few things. 

Areas where we were under budget:
  • Childcare - Under by $270, due to being on vacation for a few weeks. 
  • Cleaning - under by $180. Again, we were out of town & I did it myself. 
  • Gas - $137.27 - I rode my bike in June, got a ride home from a long work trip, and rode with my Mom to the beach, and went carless for three days when we were on vacation. 
  • Vacation house mortgage - Under by $633. We paid for the closing costs & appraisal, but it was less than our standard monthly payment. 
  • Utilities - Under by $151. Summer is generally less for all of the bills.
And, we were right on (or, within $5) for our other categories: Entertainment, Insurance, Rent, etc. 

Given the multiple trips in June (two trips for me to Portland, a 10 day family vacation, an overnight trip to Monterey), I'm very happy with our spending. What about you? How did you do with your budget in June? 


  1. Childcare costs definitely add up. I remember those days well. That is awesome that you rode your bike. Was this to and from work?

    1. It was! I started in May & have been doing well (except for summer camp weeks, where I'm usually in charge of picking up & dropping off). Looking forward to getting back to it once the boys are in school again.

      I'm lucky & there is a great trail near our house that goes all the way to my office. Pretty much 1.5 miles on road, and the rest is on trail for a total of 9 miles each way. Pretty great.

  2. You are regularly finding ways to economize. June was spendy and not very positive in commissions. We have a roof over our heads and food in fridge so things are good.

    1. Good thoughts for July coming your way! I hope the commission situation turns around very quickly.

  3. Looks good overall!! Our bills go up in the summer due to the Central Air being on so much... *sniff, sniff* Such is life... Overall however, June & July have been really good... We've cut back our budget and are living 'bare boens' to reach a few savings goals! So far, so good!!

    1. I've been reading about your July challenge & it sounds like you are making amazing progress! Keep it up!