Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Weekly Budget Recap (7/18-7/24/16)

I track *all* of our spending, but find that tracking it at a weekly level & reporting back to you fine friends gives me even more insight & accountability.

This was a bit of a "getting ready for school & sports" week, as well as a week (for the first time ever) with two sitters! So here goes.

Monday - 7/18
  • $25.44 - 4 pair of slip in shin guards. The boys have a lot of soccer, we sometimes lose them, and also. . . I like to wash them between wears. They get a little "slippery".
  • $17.38 - new goalie gloves for Nick.
  • -$232.40 - refund for morning camp care that we didn't use a couple of weeks ago
  • -$80 - refund for morning camp care that we didn't use this week
Tuesday - 7/19
  • $70 - sitter. We got free concert tickets, parking passes, food/& drinks to see Barenaked Ladies at a winery
Wednesday - 7/20 - no spend day
Thursday - 7/21 - no spend day
Friday - 7/22
  • $25 7 Eleven gift card for my nephew (he and his girlfriend take "walking dates" to the 7 Eleven
  • $25 - cash for the rest of nephew's birthday, for his college account
Saturday - 7/23
  • $50 - anniversary gift for my parents
  • $36.43 - Costco, groceries
  • $55 - a sitter so M & I could attend his kid free work barbecue. On a Saturday. :-(
  • $4.04 - a watermelon at the market. But, mostly to break a large bill so we could pay the sitter.
  • $58.31 - gas
Sunday - 7/24
  • $40 - swimming lessons for the kids
  • $25.62 - school supplies
  • $43.96 - new Sonicare toothbrush heads
  • $13.71 - produce stand. Half a flat of strawberries, mini cucumber, wheat lavosh bread, radishes
  • $6.23 - pasta was $.89 at the store (cheapest I've seen it for a while), so I stocked up
  • $41.73 - two sunblocks for the kids to take to sleepaway camp, plus my favorite SPF70 facial moisturizer was on sale. I'm starting to get some serious sun damage from this California scene, so I need to get more aggressive with the face lotion
  • $35.32 - gas for the other car
  • $7.99 - kiwi, from Costco
  • $94.83 - a lot of wine. My parents will be staying with us for a week.
Given the childcare/camp refunds, we netted out with a total of $363.79. I'll take it! How about you? How did you do with your weekly spending?


  1. I am trying to get back into normal mode after home repairs and vacation. How were Barenaked Ladies?

    1. The concert was great! Honestly, they weren't as smooth as they were years ago (are any of us? ;-)), but it was still fun & worth seeing.