Monday, July 25, 2016

Menu Plan Monday

With the bonus of Sunday as well. :-) Because, why not? My parents are arriving next Sunday, and I need to also start planning lunches (they will be at home with the kids), and dinners (2 more adults at each meal). May be a crazy week, but details on that in next week's update.

  • Sunday - homemade chicken pizza. Cheese for the kids, chicken pesto for the adults. I made homemade tomato sauce for the kids pizza
  • Monday - barbecued burgers & tortellini
  • Tuesday - Spaghetti and meatballs, with homemade tomato sauce (tomatoes from the garden)
  • Wednesday - I have a late work dinner, but the kids & M will be having leftover pizza
  • Thursday - Tacos, chips & guacamole (drat, forgot to get avocado at the produce stand)
  • Friday - Leftovers, of whatever I can cobble together. If all else fails, "freezer dinner", which is where I stand in front of the freezer and bake up a cookie sheet full of random things (last Friday it was breaded chicken, homemade taquitos, samosas from Trader Joes, etc). 
  • Saturday - Probably homemade risotto, if the weather cools down a bit. If not, maybe calzone with homemade dough
  • Sunday - not sure, but possibly salmon, salad, and an appetizer with my parents 
What about you? What's on your menu for the week? Any recipes to try out?


  1. Tonight? Floors being done today, no appliances nor anyplace to sit for dinner so either Dinner for two at costco to keep prices down or if we happen to have appliances back in place something easy like hotdogs. I hate not having a functioning kitchen! No planning beyond that, anything else we eat involved grocery shopping since I had to completely empty my big fridge/freezer and am living temporarily out of a minifridge. Due to that we have eaten most of what is in the freezer. The second the floors are completed I need to make a shop at costco for chicken breasts, fish, meatballs and shrimp.

    1. I do like the occasional dinner for two at Costco! :-) Hope you get your kitchen back very soon. And yum - love the Costco shrimp.

  2. burgers, on buns and in gravy as Salisbury steak, chicken and pulled chicken, plus hotdishes with both a potion of each ground beef and chicken, chili, and maybe a tuna hotdish. My vegetarian daughter is here sometime next weekend and I think I'll have her make risotto and Spanish Tortilla. Homemade taquitos-would love recipe as a favorite but the salt and cost of pre-made are high.

    1. Hi Sam! It's this recipe -

      But, I do mine quite differently, so I'll share that as well. I use the grilled chicken that M marinates & grills in giant batches (20+ pounds) & then freezes. You could also use rotisserie chicken, but that might bump up the sodium a bit. Anyway, I only use cooked chicken, which skips a bunch of recipe steps.

      Take cooked chicken (shreded/diced), grated cheddar, drained/rinsed black beans, & some sort of a liquid. I like to use green salsa, but would switch it up for red salsa as needed, or the can of chiles. I find salsa to be much cheaper, & more "liquid". Put all in food processor & blend until it forms a paste.

      Spread the paste into a line in the tortilla, then roll up. Follow recipe baking ingredients. I also serve mine with a salsa/sour cream blend to make it easier.

      I prep all of the taquitos (no baking) in advance, freeze, and then defrost whatever I need & bake. If I'm super desperate for a quick lunch, I microwave them rather than baking, but they are obviously more like a burrito at that point (not crispy).

      Hope that helps - and ask more questions. DO you have a good risotto recipe? I'm lazy, so I like this one. Would use veggie stock rather than chicken broth, and change the mix ins to something like a squash with strong cheese, or other yummy sauteed veggies.

  3. Your menu sounds yummy! Hubby and I are on week 2 of carb cycling so I have planned out not only our dinners but breakfasts and lunches as well.