Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Menu Plan Tuesday

I'm way behind this week, as I got home from Portland late on Sunday & went straight to bed. That's what two nights without sleep will do to you. ;-)

Monday - pasta & meatballs
Tuesday - out, at a dinner to support the local schools.
Wednesday - Asian night. Potstickers, samosas, rice & veggies. Mostly from Trader Joes
Thursday - Chicken pesto pasta
Friday - Oven baked risotto, with whatever mix ins linger in the freezer
Saturday - I've been craving a sausage rice pilaf dish, as it approaches fall. So, maybe that with homemade french bread?
Sunday - Grilled fish or chicken

I also need to comb through the fridge & freezer to see what's left after M & the boys were left to their own devices for four days. :-)

What about you? What's on the menu for the week?


  1. Sausage rice pilaf sounds good. I made homemade beef stew yesterday which is a fall and winter dish at our house. It's interesting how our tastes change for the seasons.

    1. It's a yummy recipe. I'll share it after I make it next, as I tweak it quite a bit. The secret ingredient is chopped almonds. It adds so much flavor! :-) No one in my family likes soups/stews, but I love it!

  2. I am doing my menu planning Wednesday to Tuesday now, since I am trying the $50 dollar a month experiment and the food ads here are geared to that schedule. It feels kind of weird to think midweek to midweek.

    1. Just catching up on your posts - your experiment sounds really interesting!