Thursday, January 5, 2017

December goal wrap up

Other than my fitness, it was a pretty successful month! Here's how the December goals played out. It's clear that my fitness is an area in need of some serious attention.


  • Stick to our budget (including our Christmas & December trip to OR/WA budget) - yes to both
  • Put $200/each in the boys college funds - yes

  • Have one date night with M - Yes! We did both a date night & a lunch.
  • Donate, sell or toss 50 items in the house. - I think I donated or tossed around 10 items. 
  • Try a new recipe that everyone (including my little guy) will eat. Yes! I made hot dogs wrapped in crescent rolls. Not exactly gourmet, but it worked!
  • Get our plans sorted out for our December trip - Yes, done. 
  • Find ski goggles for the kids, so we can ski in January - Yes, done. 

  • Hit 150 & stay there through the end of the month - eh, no. I stayed even. 
  • Eat 5 servings of fruits & vegetables  - nope. Not even close, sadly. Too many chocolates & holiday treats. Not enough carrots!
  • Complete 5 stretching workouts (yoga or pilates) - I had 2 stretching workouts.
  • Complete 7 strength workouts - I finished with 5 strength workouts. 
  • Complete 900 minutes of cardio. - I finished with 510 minutes. It was in the low 30s & raining for much of our trip to Oregon. I typically put in a minimum of an hour a day on vacation, but was not as motivated with the freezing cold weather. 
  • Average 1450 calories/day - no way near this, sadly. I finished December with 1,820 calories/day.
  • Average 10,000 steps/day - I stopped tracking very effectively, but did have a few big step days to offset some of the other "lounge around the house & do puzzles" days. I'll assume I finished around an average of 8,000/day.

  • Maximum of one late night/week - yes
  • Work from home at least one Friday this month - yes
  • Stay calm & manage my stress well - relatively well, given the month & the general amount of craziness. 

  • Read four books - oh yes. Probably around 12? 
  • Get together with one friend - yes, we went for a hike on a lovely day. 
  • Take the boys to see Christmas lights - Yes!
  • Make cardamom bread for the holidays - Yes, and it turned out great. Victory, at last.
  • Find a way to volunteer! - Yes, I cleaned Nick's teacher's classroom before the break. It was nice & sort of therapeutic. Plus, I knew she would be staying late if I didn't help. It was nice to give back. I also volunteered once at the school running event. 

How did you do with your December goals? Any big wins to report? 


  1. I made my year end grocery budget, that is a big deal, lowering it this year though. Lost the 2 pounds I put on since Christmas :) It is amazing what eating does to your body. Smoothies all this week to start the day (low cal yoghurt, using up mandarins from Christmas, milk and frozen mango). I need to get moving, perhaps need to start on the treadmill as not getting nearly enough exersize

    1. Nice work on the weight loss! I'm with you - it's crazy how quickly food can impact us.

  2. Yay! Sounds like a very good month to me!

  3. Happy December! Seems like good momentum for starting January.

    1. It definitely was a good momentum to kick off the new year!