Saturday, January 21, 2017

One goal marked off, and a menu plan

I posted at the end of December that I wanted to tackle a few smaller goals (in addition to my larger yearly goals).

One of the goals was to sell $100 on my Facebook group (or eBay), & I've already passed that. I'm at $111, and am expecting a few more sales over the weekend. There's decluttering, and then . . there's decluttering before you pack. One is much more intense than the other, for me at least. :-)

So far, I've sold the following:

  • A pair of flats on eBay
  • A kids ski jacket 
  • A model volcano set
  • An electric circuit set
  • My shampoo stockpile
  • Two of M's old jackets
  • And an electric keyboard
I'm hoping to clear out the rest of the stuff this weekend. Today is a chore day. The boys have sports & activities tomorrow, so I really need to focus on getting things done. Here's my to do list:

  • Work out
  • Help the boys start organizing their rooms into: trash, donate, keep
  • Sell the rest of my Facebook stuff
  • Make muffins (and, maybe granola bars)
  • Go to Costco
  • And the produce stand
  • Go to the library
  • Pay an in person bill

I made homemade pizzas last night, using a few freezer ingredients: naan bread, a cheese foccacia splurge thing Michael bought at Costco a while back & I've been trying to determine how to use it, and homemade tomato sauce. Combined with salami, cheese & fresh tomatoes, it was fabulous. Here's what we'll be eating the rest of the week:

Sunday - oven baked chicken risotto
Monday - leftover pastina bake 
Tuesday - Soup from the freezer. And, maybe homemade bread. I have to work from home in the afternoon, so if I have time, I'll put this in the bread maker between conference calls.
Wednesday - leftover risotto
Thursday - lubia polo (freezer) & the rest of the cucumber yogurt sauce lurking in the fridge
Friday - Tacos, with chips & guacamole
Saturday - kale chicken salad + tomato soup
Sunday - homemade calzones

What about you? What are you hoping to accomplish today? What's on the menu plan for the week? Any new recipes to recommend? 


  1. It is SO SO SO much easier decluttering before a move than unpacking the stuff and trying to figure out where that thing you never use has to go. Good for the kids to get into it to. Well done on selling stuff! Every time I look around I see more stuff I can get rid of or sell. Last night looked in the back of our cupboard to see two cuisinart frying pans I never use (prefer non-stick) so those will either be sold or donated asap.

  2. I love that you are decluttering and earning some cash at the same time. It is just the smart thing to do before a move. Actually decluttering is smart anytime!

  3. Not as productive as I would have liked, but a few things boxed up. We are laying low tonight after taking our daughters out for dinner last night. I'll do some meal planning, but have beans soaking for a big pot of navy bean soup, and cooked up two pounds of hamburger for Sloppy Joes.