Monday, January 23, 2017

Weekly spending recap (1/16-1/22/17)

We've been trying to keep the optional expenses as low as possible, as we have some big upcoming bills with the new house. Here's what we spent this week. Monday was a work holiday, so a bit of our weekend spending bled into Monday.

We did end up making two purchases for the new house. I can imagine that this is only the beginning of that spending. . .

  • Monday - 1/16
    • $11.57 - tomatoes, lavash bread, lettuce & mini cucumbers at the produce stand
    • $2.98 - the boys rented a movie on Amazon
    • $30 - the boys got hair cuts
  • Tuesday - 1/17
  • Wednesday - 1/18
  • Thursday - 1/19
    • $280 - Nanny 
  • Friday - 1/20
  • Saturday - 1/21
    • $5.40 - the kids had lunch at Costco. M & I waited until we got home. 
    • $124.67 - groceries for the week. Included a three pack of deli meat (sandwiches), a brick of cheddar cheese, 2 packages of rolls as we keep running out through the week, a 6 pack of avocado, and all of our normal produce & dairy.
    • -$70.50 - since it seems unlikely we will ski this season with the move, I returned one of the ski helmets we purchased, as well as a top that I bought right before Christmas & didn't need. 
  • Sunday - 1/22
    • $2.49 - breadcrumbs. I thought I had some in the freezer from odds & ends of bread, but nope.
    • $9.26 - produce stand: radishes, lettuce, tomatoes, mini cucumber.
    • $44.97 - three fruit trees for the new house (pear, pomegranate, & plum). Can't wait to plant them! Now is the right time of the year. I know it will be quite some time before we see fruit, so I want to get them in as soon as possible.
    • $216.99 - bar stools for the house (found ones that matched what we needed at Costco)

We also had an appraisal on the house ($1185), a credit report fee ($22.60) & a year's homeowners insurance policy ($1515). I won't count that in the above, as I only count non home/auto spending. I don't count fixed bills like utilities, mortgage payments, etc. However, those big outlays were why we are so focused on keeping our expenses in check!

Total spent = $657.83

What about you? Did you track your spending for the week? How did you do? 


  1. Lots of home upgrades this month, and while we are within our budgeted allotment (just!), it makes me a bit nervous to see this much money go out in January, with 11 months still to go. Hope you'll share a photo or two of your new abode once you are all in!

  2. $595+ on textbooks for College Boy, $387 on 1 prescription for me, $63 for car yearly inspection and oil change, $76 on 2 take-out meals for 4-5 adults and $49.84 at Walmart for stuff College Boy needed/forgot at home. $1170.84 out the window on irregular bills. yuck. Just wait until your two are in college. hahaha

  3. Love the kind of trees you bought. We can grow apples and plums here, even cherries but no citrus. Our yard is too small to plant any of those trees, although our neighbors apple tree drops things into our yard (I pick it up) and another neighbors cherry tree drapes into our yard (hubby climbs a ladder and picks the corner, they never do)

  4. That is an insane cost for an appraisal, even for a jumbo mortgage. This week looks to be a good week to lock in a mortgage. The ten year bond yield is down almost 3%.

    I am so jealous of the pomegranate tree. I would love one of those.

  5. That appraisal fee seems a bit steep, did you hire your own appraiser?

    We had to pay for babysitting this weekend to attend a friend's Big Event, and we paid for dinner for the sitter as well since our event was over the dinner hour. (Is that normal? I thought it'd only be polite to provide a meal but I wasn't sure since I haven't babysat in ages.) We also bought some groceries, but that's about it.

  6. I spent about 250 bucks on the big lunch this week, but I had that in the T and E budget anyway. Other than that we had a 30 dollar take out meal the night before the lunch because the kitchen was clean and party ready and I was not messing a thing up. That is my total spending for the week.