Friday, January 6, 2017

Frugal Fridays

I like to round up my frugal spending for the last week or so, and celebrate the wins. Here's what we accomplished:

  • Took the boys to the movies (with a friend), & paid with gift cards. This was their requested last holiday celebration before school went back on Tuesday. 
  • At the movies, brought water bottles & clearance candy as snacks
  • Used the remaining gift card to cover popcorn to share between the kids. Paid $1 out of pocket for 4 people at the movies, which is a huge savings.
  • I made all dinners at home, and stuck to our meal plan. Turned leftover steak & takeout white rice into fried rice for dinner one night. (My meal plan that I posted & created randomly excluded a day, so I was a meal short! :-))
  • Followed our normal frugal activities: line dried all laundry (except socks, towels, & underwear). Used cloth napkins for all meals.
  • I priced a ski trip on a day the boys have the day off of school. It turned out the lift tickets were insanely expensive. Given our housing situation, we're trying hard to limit our spending, so we opted not to do it.
  • Listed 3 items on a local Facebook swap.
  • Inventoried our toiletries
  • Ran a cost per unit comparison of many household items, and tracked the costs for future purchase.
  • Found some good deals at Rite Aid. I need to pick up a prescription today, so will go today to finish the offer & collect more plenti points. 
  • Planning to eat breakfast & lunch out of fridge scraps today.
  • Did no shopping this week. Worked, worked, worked. 

That's my list for the week. How about you? Any frugal wins? I also want to get an item listed on Facebook, and go through the boys toys/books to get rid of things they no longer want or use. Anything worth selling will be listed on the local Facebook site. 

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  1. Nice job stretching the budget, while enjoying time together. I'm feeling pretty confident January will be a low spend month, with the exception of a high dollar expense that we planned for-lap top to replace the dead one. We are putting the VISA rebate towards it and a new printer.