Friday, January 20, 2017

Frugal Friday

This is a tale of two very different paths this week: extremely world class non-frugal, and very frugal. The non-frugal relates to buying a house in the bay area. I'll just leave that, because when you are paying $1000/sq foot, frugality doesn't really come into play.

But, knowing that we are buying said house has driven us to lots of new frugality! :-) Silver lining, people! Here's what we've been up to:

  • We've bought nothing during the week. Nada. Too busy documenting every place we've ever lived in the last 15 years for our lender. ;-) 
  • I sold a bunch of stuff on my local Facebook site:
    • two coats for $20
    • An electric keyboard/stand for $30
    • Part of my shampoo stash for $5 (I had to switch to a specific shampoo due to some dry scalp complications from lupus). So, I'm never going to use the other shampoo & have a few extra bottles for guests. I don't want to move things we don't need.
    • Sold two gift cards we don't need for $60
  • Ate dinner at home every day, re-using leftovers from the weekend.
  • I'm working from home today, so I made a fruit smoothie with free oranges from our tree, and leftover fruit. I'll have leftover soup for lunch.
  • Cancelled a music service that M has had forever & rarely uses. I just noticed it on a bill recently.
  • Called to track down 85,000 missing hotel points that got lost in a transfer between two accounts
  • Maxed out my 401K for the year. And, in hindsight, really really wish I hadn't done that with my bonus, as we could use the cash now. But, it was too late to change it once it went through. Life lessons. ;-) 
What about you? What were your frugal wins for the week?


  1. I bought currency for our trip as the Canadian dollar was at its 3 year high, it cost $200 less than same purchase (exact amount) last January. Spent no money except groceries and on a pair of leather sandals that I have been trying to find for 3 months - they were normally $125 on sale for $43, thank you internet :) Ate at home all week(except hubby when he was traveling for business). Trying to stay on grocery budget so did a complete inventory of what was in the freezers. Monitoring daily electricity intake, managed to lower use considerably last 3 days by unplugging a bunch of things. The whole process of buying/moving is stressful - just keep in mind the end result - a happy home :)

    1. $200 less is a huge savings! And, a steal on the sandals! Well done.

  2. Yep, you are one busy woman! My frugal, I did not let my husband go and get things from the grocery store (even if it would have been nice), we just used what we had. We are going out to eat this weekend using a gift card from Christmas we thought we lost and and just overall not buying anything. Good financial week!

    1. Nice! Treating yourself with a gift card is the best kind of luxury. :-)

  3. Silver lining thinking is the best kind of thought most of the time. Kudos!
    I have only bought groceries and only bought was was necessary!

    1. You're on it! We are laser focused on keeping expenses as low as possible before our closing, which is good for the budget.