Saturday, April 29, 2017

A free Saturday

We have absolutely zero scheduled sports/boy activities today. What an unexpected treat! I need a catch up day, as I wasn't home last weekend.

I'm looking forward to getting some errands done today, as tomorrow I have to be at a soccer game at 7:15 am. Oh joy! ;-)

Here's what's on the list for today:

  1. Make a menu
  2. Meet a friend for an early hike, before it gets too hot. I love to combine social time with a workout. Plus, it's free! What could be better? 
  3. Go to Costco. I have a few returns, and need to get our groceries. I also have our rebate check to use.
  4. Call Comcast. Sigh. Comcast
  5. Take the boys to a bike shop to be measured
  6. Fill out a bunch of school paperwork for end of the year activities
  7. Make sure Sam packs for his overnight science camp
  8. Figure out an (extremely delayed) birthday sleepover date for Nick
  9. Return my running shoes to Nordstrom, & try to find a new pair. They make my feet go numb, which is never that fun.
  10. Yoga
  11. Take the boys to the library
  12. Make dinner
  13. Put away at least two "piles" in the house, from the move
  14. Laundry

And, menu plan for the week, just so I can check off #1!

  • Saturday - homemade pizza
  • Sunday - fish & rice
  • Monday - Chicken & pasta
  • Tuesday - Tacos
  • Wednesday - leftover pizza
  • Thursday - leftover fish & rice
  • Friday - taco quesadillas

The weather is supposed to be gorgeous, so maybe we'll eat outside again this evening. What about you? Do you have a full agenda for today? What are you hoping to accomplish?


  1. Random thoughts after reading through your list: #2 - Love it also! #4 - Made me laugh :-) #5 - Have you considered buying your shoes from a running store instead? As a 20+ year runner (currently on the injured list, but working my way back . . . ) running shoes are one of the few things I go out of my way to buy from a specialty store. Many will either measure your feet and look for under or over-pronation, or put you on a treadmill to see if you are a soft or heavy step taker (this is NOT related to overall weight! :-).

    On my list today is/was a five mile fast walk/run (just done), picking up some items for a newly completed home office remodel, a meeting at our spiritual congregation, then sushi with friends tonight.

    1. I've been measured a few times at a running store, and generally know what I need. However, this one really comes down to sizing. I'm between sizing, and Brooks has changed their sizing (I think) quite a bit. So, I ordered an 8.5, knowing that as you run longer distances, your foot expands. Particularly when it's warmer now in California. However, the 8.5 was huge, and I had to lace the shoes so tightly, my entire foot was numb. If I kept it looser, the shoe slid around. I like Nordstrom because (assuming you know which model of shoe you like), you can return even after wearing. Which is what I did in this case. I bought the Glycerin model this time around. If I don't like them, I'll return them & go to a running store.

      Your to do list sounds very fun!

  2. Ha....that's quite a day off. My idea of a day off is reading and not driving anywhere. Of course, your kids are still little. So it's always something!!