Friday, January 11, 2019

Frugal Friday

This week's theme feels like it's "eating all of the leftovers". SO many leftovers! Here are a few frugal things we did this week:

  • Line dried our clothes. This is something we do regularly, for 90% of our clothing. We don't line dry our towels, as they get crunchy. We do this inside, year round.
  • Drove the electric car to work, & charged it for free
  • I met a friend for lunch, and we met at work (free lunch)
  • I started to read a book I received with a half marathon registration. It's one of my goals for January to read a couple of non-fiction books, so this is a good/free start
  • I booked flights for my parents to watch the kids over spring break. It's less expensive than a camp for two kids, and everyone prefers this. We'll give my parents money to spend on entertaining the kids, and it's a win/win. 
  • I used a discount code (which we received when I spoke to Alaska about our flight delay) & a credit I had on Alaska, spending zero out of pocket for my parents flights.
  • As noted above, all of the leftovers. M brought home a huge piece of salmon on Thursday, so while he, Sam & I ate it one night, I'm not a huge salmon fan. So, M has had it for four nights now. Sam has had his leftover General Tso's chicken, & I've made do with a variety of things: peanut butter & jelly (using up bread we bought for skiing sandwiches), etc.
  • I sold a $50 jacket I've worn twice on my local Facebook swap. It was at our vacation house, and it's been on my list of things to bring home & sell for over a year. Finally remember to do it! 
  • I'm also meeting a buyer for Nick's BMX bike today, which, when sold, will earn $200. Nick owes me most of that, and then the rest will go into his college account.

What about you? Any frugal wins for the week?


  1. Kudos and more Kudos! It is so wise to resell good stuff to people who can benefit-they win and you recoup hard earned money. Why oh why am I not doing this!

  2. We finished up more leftovers today. They are almost all gone now. Just one small bowl left. You've had a great frugal week that's terrific. Way to go. I hope you have a good weekend too. :)