Saturday, January 12, 2019

Getting things done before I leave

I head to Tokyo tomorrow, am home Friday afternoon (jet lagged, for sure) & then leave for LA on Tuesday. I never plan back to back work trips, but the Tokyo trip is coordinated with 8 other people flying in from remote offices, all with their own country holidays to juggle. And, the LA trip is a training event for a leadership development class I've been in for a year. The date was not movable. So, two weeks of back to back travel. I have a lot to get done today before I leave, in order to set things up well for M & the kids.

Work travel is so much additional effort for me, M & there's an enormous amount of juggling with the kids. Thank goodness I have a nice group of friends who can help get the kids home from activities, because M's work schedule in the afternoons is significantly less flexible than mine.

Luckily, we have no commitments today, so I can get things done!

Here's what's on the list:

  1. Make muffins for M (we're out)
  2. Vacuum
  3. Clean the kitchen (a deeper clean than I do after I make dinner each day)
  4. Clean the bathrooms
  5. Figure out why our shower fixtures (the silver parts) have rusted? Clean as needed
  6. Laundry
  7. Finalize schedule for everyone & review with the kids, so they know what's happening each day (where to go, how to get to school, rides to soccer games, etc)
  8. Finish packing for Tokyo
  9. Menu plan for the week
  10. Shopping list
  11. Costco
  12. Produce stand
  13. Go for a run
  14. Strength training workout
  15. Defrost the ice tray in the freezer. The ice froze over & is now in a giant block. 
  16. Bake bacon & package for meals
  17. Wash sheets
  18. Make beds
  19. Take Christmas lights down
  20. Make a list of thank you notes for the boys to write, & ensure it gets done

Freezer progress:

  • Pumpkin puree -  I used to make a pumpkin, banana, chocolate chip bread. I gave one as a gift, and kept one for us
  • 3 frozen bananas - used in the bread mentioned above
  • cranberries - hoping to use today in muffins
  • 6 old Popsicles - discovered, half melted at the bottom of the freezer. tossed. 
Menu plan for the week:

  • Friday - homemade pizza
  • Saturday - tacos 
  • Sunday - leftover pizza
  • Monday - spaghetti & meatballs
  • Tuesday - the boys will likely eat out (with a gift card) 
  • Wednesday - leftover spaghetti & meatballs
  • Thursday - cheeseburgers
  • Friday - maybe homemade pizza again, as I'll just be coming home from Tokyo

That's it for me. What's on your to do list this weekend? And, any freezer items you are trying to use up?


  1. Great for more freezer usage. I may have found similar popsicles in my freezer!

    1. Somehow those popsicles multiply in the off season!

  2. Holy cow, that is a wicked schedule, definitely won't miss the work travel when you are done! Stay sane!

    1. Isn't that the truth?!! I will be so happy when any travel I do is something I actually want. Not that an 20+ travel day tomorrow won't be fun. . . ;-)

  3. I made enough baked spaghetti today to last all weekend. LOL

    Safe travels for you my friend!

    1. Baked spaghetti sounds super good! Thank you. I'm flying economy (sometimes I can fly business one way if I find a really great deal, but sadly not this time), so my goal is as painless as a 13 hour flight can be.

    2. We are just home from a week in Palm Springs, then leaving again on Tuesday via LAX (I'll be thinking of you!), so it'll be a very busy weekend of unpacking, washing and putting away our travel trailer, doing laundry, cleaning, and then repacking for our flight to DC. Plus company visiting us for hiking at the beach today. So busy, but not as busy as you! 😊