Saturday, January 26, 2019

Happy Saturday

I'm so grateful to be home this Saturday, and have a week before I have my final planned business trip this quarter. I'm going to London in a week. I had to front load all of my work travel so I could take my sabbatical. I'm so over traveling right now, but again, focusing on the positives.

I've been journaling a bit here & there, and trying to remind myself to be grateful for the good things, vs getting hung up on how long my plane was delayed for in LA, or the night I couldn't sleep because the rooftop bar at the hotel spilled into the hallway, keeping me up forever. . . It's good to have those positive reminders, because traveling for work is filled with opportunities to be frustrated.

Here's what we have on the agenda today:

  • Working out! I've been feeling low energy, and I know some of it is due to exhaustion/lack of sleep, but I also haven't been working up a sweat, which helps my energy level so much.
  • Menu planning. I'm struggling with this, as M is on a special diet for medical reasons right now. I already have one picky eater, and then I'm not supposed to eat dairy. When you put all of the rules together, it becomes exhausting. I also want to mainly eat from our freezer, so that's yet another lens on the puzzle.
  • Shopping. Once we have our list together, I need to go to Costco & the produce stand.
  • Cleaning. I'll try & do 1/2 the house today, and 1/2 tomorrow.
  • Planning. I need to sort out our plan for next week, including work conflicts, child care, etc. 
  • Organizing. I also would like to continue working on my photo project, so would like to devote an hour or so to that today. 
  • Reading or journaling. I'd love to carve out 30-45 minutes.
  • Connecting. M & I need to align on a strategy on a kid topic, so we need to find a quiet pocket of time to get that done.

Here's what I'm thinking about for the menu this week:

Menu plan:
Friday - homemade pepperoni pizza
Saturday - hot dogs & crescent rolls
Sunday - Tacos
Monday - Leftover hot dogs
Tuesday - spaghetti & meatballs
Wednesday - leftover tacos
Thursday - leftover spaghetti & meatballs
Friday - risotto with turkey That was my original plan, but I remembered that I leave on Saturday, M never eats leftovers, and his diet won't allow him to eat this anyway. So, Friday will be a bit of a grab bag, so I don't leave leftovers in the fridge. Otherwise, they will inevitably need to be tossed.

What about you? What's on your menu this week? Any new recipes to try?

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  1. After coming home to an empty fridge with exception of cheese, potatoes and eggs I had to do alot of shopping this week. I am still trying to eat down the freezer though, slowly seeing progress! I feel for you with all that travel but as you say, there is a lovely sabbatical at the end of it (plus I am sure you are racking up miles for family vacations!)