Friday, January 25, 2019

Frugal Friday

I've been traveling again for work, but a few frugal things that happened before I left, mostly focused on our ill fated ski trip last weekend:

  • We waited to buy ski tickets on Saturday night, when we got to the hotel. Although the forecast looked great when we left our house earlier in the day, by Saturday evening, it looked like there might be rain. Although buying online saves 10% (about $40), not buying at all ended up saving us a huge amount.
  • We brought dinner for Saturday night, breakfast & lunch for Sunday morning & snacks!
  • We discussed stopping for dinner on Sunday, but instead made it home in time to have dinner. 
  • I spent $0 out of pocket on my work trip.

In frugal fails, I came home late last night, and noticed that much of the food I'd left for M & the kids hadn't been eaten. . . which means that it needs to go to the garbage. I'm pretty sad about that. However, I was already grouchy with M this morning over something else, so I think I'll let this one slide. Sometimes you have to choose your moments. When I'm tired & feeling overwhelmed. . . well, it's not the best time to have a thoughtful conversation with my spouse. 

In fun news, I was able to connect with a cousin I haven't seen in 20 years while I was in LA for work. It was so great to catch up! We had a lovely dinner & chatted about family. It made at least one of the evenings feel a little bit more like my "real life" vs yet another trip where I pause my "real life" to work. 

What about you? Any frugal wins for the week?


  1. I love your comment about having thoughtful conversations. All too often I find I start one when I am not in the right frame of mind to really listen, and there is a huge difference when I vent vs. conversing.
    Nice that you caught up with your cousin!

    1. Correct! When I'm in the wrong frame of mind, I need to do a better job of excusing myself from a situation, before getting spun up & saying things I later regret, or framing things in a way I wish I could change.