Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Menu Plan Tuesday

I'm a little late with my menu plan for the week, but better late than never. M brought home an unexpected salmon on Thursday, so the menu plan has changed a bit.

  • Friday - we had chili, cheese bread & salad at the condo we rented while skiing. We brought the food from home. 
  • Saturday - we had plans to be home for dinner, but ended up eating while stranded in a snowstorm. So, unplanned dinner out.
  • Sunday - Sam cooked for us & we had California rolls, Asian chicken salad, General Tso's chicken, rice & tiramisu
  • Monday - leftover salmon & rice
  • Tuesday - Leftover General Tso's chicken
  • Wednesday - chicken fiesta skillet (I made this, then froze it after M brought home the salmon)
  • Thursday - spaghetti & meatballs, or chili
I also want to get back to the freezer challenge I was working through before the holidays. Here's what's on my freezer challenge list for the week:
  • 1 bag of rotisserie chicken
  • A huge bag of tomatoes (I froze before we headed out of town, so they wouldn't go to waste)
  • Frozen bananas
I'm hoping to make tomato sauce (which will then go back into the freezer) out of the romas, and then use the bananas to make muffins. Which, will also go back into the freezer. But, at least they will be in a form to be totally ready to eat? ;-) 

What about you? What's on the menu this week? Any new recipes you're trying out? Are you working on a freezer challenge?

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  1. The freezer challenge here seems to be a balancing act. As I use stuff from the freezer I seem to make almost as much to put back in as I took out. But like you said, at least it is cooked and ready to be used as soon as it thaws.