Monday, February 11, 2019

Menu Plan Monday

We went out to eat on Friday & Saturday (unusual for us), so we don't have as many leftovers for the week ahead.

Here's the plan:
Monday - tacos (freezer)
Tuesday - leftover kebabs & rice
Wednesday - tacos
Thursday - chili (freezer)
Friday - homemade pizza

What about you? What's on your menu plan for the week? Anyone trying new recipes? 


  1. STILL trying to eat down the freezer--why did I think I needed all this stuff? I have several, yes, SEVERAL turkey breasts in there. BUT, we here in your old stomping grounds are experiencing heavy snow. It should help with my goal of eating down the stores. There is nothing, absolutely nothing I will need to get before this thaws. Last night I made a rotisserie style chicken, tonight is chicken soup with the leftovers. I think a slow cooker pot roast is in the works for tomorrow, as more snow is expected later today. I believe the news is using the term "blizzard." For fun, youngest DS and I are thinking of trying to bake some snickerdoodle cookies. I also might try a new bread recipe.

    1. I'm with you, but I'm slowed down by the fact that I can no longer eat dairy, & my husband really can't eat anything! Yikes. I've seen so many pictures - the snow looks amazing. Although, I know it gets old after the initial day or so wears off.

  2. Don't you love being able to pull foods out of the freezer? I am trying a new to me keto version of an Indian food, chicken korma. We are trying to have one ethnic meal a week and this recipe sounded good. I guess we will see!

    1. Yum! If it's good, please let me know as my husband is doing keto for a food allergy.