Friday, February 1, 2019

Frugal Friday

It's finally Friday! We do many of the same things each week, so a quick recap of those: line dry the majority of our clothes, keep the thermostat turned down to 67/65, eating leftovers for dinners, driving our electric car to work & charging for free. . .

And, a few highlights from this week:

  • I made a last minute meal change to accommodate all of our eating requirements (special allergy diet, etc) & bought a few ingredients at our local grocery store. It's much more expensive than Costco, for example, so I converted points to a $2 reward, bringing the price for: 1 lb of ground beef, a bag of coleslaw mix & a head of cauliflower down to a more manageable price. I normally pick up cauliflower at the local produce stand, but there quality can be a bit hit or miss, and this was to make cauliflower rice, so I wanted it to be super fresh. 
  • Nick made hummus this weekend, which is a very inexpensive alternative to store bought. And, is so much tastier! We had all of the ingredients on hand.
  • M continues to do our own repair work around the house, including yet another pool repair. The pool was not in good shape when we bought the house, and one problem has led to another, and another, and. . . 
  • M also washed the cars this weekend
  • We did eat out once, but used a gift card
  • I tracked down missing miles from a work trip
That's it for us... What about you? What were your frugal wins this week?


  1. That is great, I think pools are a pit to throw money into. Do you enjoy having the pool?

  2. Oh, will Nick share his hummus recipe? With a can of chick peas being 69 cents, I bet it is pretty economical.