Saturday, November 21, 2020

Frugal Friday

 I'm late to get this up, but Happy Saturday everyone. Hope you have a lovely (and safe) weekend. 

Saving on things we buy

  • Used grocery store rewards to save a bit on our purchase (the rest towards a donation)
  • Price matched an item we needed for our gutter installation, & saved $50 on the purchase
  • Used a coupon code & loyalty points to get a couple of Christmas gifts for 60% off. 

Earning money

  • eBay sales continue to be really slow, but I did sell a few things:
    • A PBK wall decoration that I found in the garage at our vacation house this summer. It took a while, but it's gone now!
    • A book
    • A biking jacket
    • A pair of outgrown soccer shorts (I think this is the last of a set of five I listed)
  • Continued uploading receipts to Fetch
  • I'm working on a Swagbucks offer, but it's pretty time consuming. I'm about 1/3 of the way done & probably wouldn't have invested the time had I know what it would take. If/when I finish, will report with a recap of how to do it & what I earned
  • Bought a gift card we needed via Swagbucks. Couldn't find it cheaper elsewhere, so at least I got a nominal amount in "Swagbucks".

Avoiding spending

  • The usual, boring stuff. Wore warm clothes in the house to keep the heat low. Line dried (most of) our clothes in the house. Ate leftovers. Meal planned. Wednesday night was definitely a "use it all up, clean out the fridge" meal. It wasn't super glamorous, and the kids griped at having the same thing again, but everyone was fed!
  • I use a facial brush (Clarisonic) to wash my face several times a week. I like it, but need to replace the brush head. It's no longer made anymore, but found a replacement on Amazon. After ordering it, I remembered that the brush originally came with a second head, so I was able to cancel my order. $30 saved!

For others

  • Found a pair of great condition Nike shoes that Sam has outgrown. Washed them up & gave them away on Buy Nothing  to another mom of a quickly growing teen
  • Made a donation to a food bank & used my grocery rewards to get a bunch of great items to support the cause
  • Continued volunteer work


  1. i think swag bucks is a waste of time. Hours and then get thrown off. I don't seem to qualify for any survey.

  2. I seriously love your "for others" list. I am trying very hard and succeeding one days, but not necessarily every day. Thank you for posting it to keep it in the forefront of my head.