Saturday, November 14, 2020

Goal accomplished & other things

 We finally completed all of the paperwork for our wills, guardianship & family trust! I signed up for our legal plan at work, and have been paying a small amount each month for the coverage, so it was a must do by the end of the year. I've seen this goal carry over month over month, but it's now done! Woohoo. So happy & relieved to have this off our list. All of our involved family members know & understand our plan, and we will soon have copies of everything. So much adulting involved. :-) 

It's a damp Saturday today, but I'm going to try to meet a friend for a socially distanced (masked) hike this morning for some exercise. I didn't get any yesterday, and my body doesn't like that!

Assuming I can get my chicken to thaw, I'm going to roast a chicken with potatoes & carrots, & have M sautee brussel sprouts. What else is on the list for today?

  • Make a menu & grocery list
  • Grocery shop
  • Kids to soccer
  • Have Nick finish birthday card for my mom
  • Prep dinner
  • List an item on eBay
  • Contact another eBay buyer
  • Package and mail an item
  • Work on schedule for the week
  • Figure out how to accommodate my parents next week (guest room is currently in action as an office) & rearrange as needed
  • Meet up with neighbor for outdoor (masked) crochet lesson
  • Defrost ground beef for taco meat prep 
As for the menu, here's what I'm thinking:
  • Saturday - roasted chicken & veggies
  • Sunday - kebabs & rice
  • Monday - turn chicken & veggies into something new
  • Tuesday - leftover kebabs & rice
  • Wednesday - any remaining leftovers, or something from the freezer
  • Thursday (w/parents) - tacos, chips & guac 
  • Friday (w/parents) - Nick is cooking, and I'll have a cheese tray to go with it
  • Saturday (w/parents) - Nick is cooking, and I'll think of an appetizer to go with
  • Sunday (w/parents) -  I'm making one pan Mexican chicken rice, with chips & guac
  • Monday (w/parents) - Nick is cooking, & we'll do some sort of appetizer
  • Tuesday - I'm planning to make a stuffed acorn squash recipe

That's it for us. What about you? Are you looking at your 2020 goals & figuring out what you still need to accomplish? What are you up to today?



  1. As this is my first weekend not dealing with someone moving of having a baby I am pretty lost.

  2. Virtual Confetti for your will and trust and estate being all done! Tacos sound great.

    I have been checking off small and satisfying things: fixed a purse, finished 1/4 of a work email, wrapped and packaged up two sets of gifts to go in the mail, wrapped a third gift that just needs JB's finishing touches to round out that family's gifts.

    I'm working on a package for our latest and last for the year Lakota Families donation, and will be ordering some essentials to ship direct to them. If I can pick through baby bottles today too, I could be all set on that last package soon. Though I do wish it wouldn't require a trip to the post office. I might just fall back on the flat rate box specifically to avoid a trip to the PO.

    We'll need to get groceries and stop at Target to pick up a few essentials and maybe they can even get our Christmas tree up today. I'm insisting on a very early tree this year 🙂

    Ooh and we need to get a birthday card in the mail for Grandma.

    1. Awesome work on the small wins! On the post office, can you instead print postage & then schedule a USPS automatic pickup? I do that, & it works well.

      I may be putting our tree up early as well this year. Love that idea!

    2. I do print the postage if I do flat rate, do you have a scale to do other non flat rate shipping? The weight is the part that prevents me from doing that instead of flat rate.

  3. I am going to have to start meeting with friends in an outdoor space where we can socially distance.