Monday, November 2, 2020

Menu Plan Monday

 We have a somewhat flexible menu plan each week, but I always know I have ingredients at least for the items on the menu plan, and this gives me a good reminder of what to defrost each week.

  • Friday - Nick made a 2 serving spicy pork, rice & beans dish. It was delicious, but the 2 serving size is always a challenge. (He prefers to cook the 2 person sizes, as it's easy for him while he's learning to cook. Ironically, he rarely eats what he makes.) Since I'm the last one to the table, Sam & M got the fancy dinner, and I ate random things out of the fridge - half a bun, tomato soup & some leftover carnitas sprinkled with cheese.
  • Saturday - we had delivery pizza (rare treat for us) & wings (made at home), along with salad & cupcakes for Halloween
  • Sunday - I'm not fooled again by the 2 serving dinner plans, so Nick made chicken poblano fajitas, and I made a large batch of chicken curry with rice
  • Monday - Nick's making a chicken pasta dish, I'll likely have curry & rice
  • Tuesday - leftover curry & rice
  • Wednesday - probably grilled chicken (freezer) over salads, with roasted broccoli
  • Thursday - grilled spicy chicken over salads
  • Friday - probably burgers & wings 
What about you? What's on your menu plan for the week? Any recipes to share?


  1. This post made me smile, and grimace at you being shut out of the recipes. I thought you were going to say Nick ate both servings-that's what my son would have done a tthat age as he was a bottomless pit between 12 and 21!

  2. Your menu sounds good. Good planning on your part to make something on the night Nick cooks the 2 serving dinners. They sound so good.

    I just saw an ad for Chicken Parmesan subs, so I might do that this week. Mac and Cheese with Ham is another dish I'll be making. I have plenty of chicken and ground beef in the freezer, so meals will be centered around those. Oh, and I have a lot of salad stuff to use up.

  3. Today is sweet potatoes and pork and salad. the rest of the week is whatever is in the freezer and salad!