Sunday, November 1, 2020

Pandemic Halloween

What a day! The kids were pretty bummed about Halloween (mostly because it's on a Saturday & they'd typically get to hang out with their friends & wander the neighborhood & eat copious amounts of candy.) But, we ended up having a lovely day. My BFF suggested a virtual costume contest (zoom call) with a few people & our kids, and we could only make costumes out of things from around the house. The creativity was fabulous, and I loved seeing my 18 year old nephew, and my god daughters (plus sister, etc) all dressed up in homemade costumes. It was fabulous. 

We ate pizza & wings, and then drove around to see the lights, decorations & trick or treaters. We left candy on our porch, but we live at the top of a big hill, so not sure anyone really ventured up. The kids picked up a bag of candy from a lovely neighbor (safely, individually wrapped in baggies, and on a table, so very socially distanced) & it was nice to see light festivities happening. People really do adapt.

Yesterday was also the last day of a step competition at my work, and I was in second place with some fierce competition from a teammate in London. I started the day with a seven mile walk/run, then did about two hours on the elliptical, plus a few walks around the block. It was interesting to see how far I could go in one day (short story, just over 21.5 miles). I'm exhausted today & happy that the month is over!

What are we up to today:

  • Making muffins
  • I'll also make chicken curry for the week ahead
  • Nick is making a Hello Fresh meal
  • Meeting a friend for a masked up/socially distanced hike this morning
  • Cleaning the house
  • Chatting with my parents
  • Planning for the week ahead
  • Helping Sam with some homework (a scheduling system, not homework itself. This is a struggle for him, given the ADHD & remote learning)
  • Nick has (virtual) math tutoring
  • I need to package & mail one eBay item, and take measurements for a second item & reply to the buyer
That will be more than enough for today. What about you? How was your Halloween? What are you up to today? 


  1. The Zoom meeting suds like fun and getting to see everyone in costume is an added bonus. I've been processing clothes for listing online and steaming clothes to photograph for the same purpose.

  2. I just posted about our pandemic Halloween. The kids were out and houses decorated as we drove around to look at it all.

  3. Nice idea, but bummer this Halloween was also a Saturday. Insult to injury for a kid.