Tuesday, December 8, 2020

2021 Goals - what do you have planned?

 I'm in the midst of reviewing my goals for 2020, considering my progress & determining what I want to set as goals for 2021. I'm planning to keep the same categories: financial, family, fitness, self/creative. I like the buckets & the mental reminder to try & achieve balance across all four buckets.

I'm looking for inspiration in 2021...what do you all have planned as goals? Ideas & input welcome!


  1. I have to have a goal to get healthier. I also need to have home improvement goals, but feel like I have little mental health space for too much goal setting.

  2. The way 2020 has gone I think I just want to survive 2021 with less chaos.

  3. I have a single goal: SURVIVE. Roderick

  4. Goodness I keep hoping I'll feel motivated or inspired enough to have any goals for 2021 but it feels like that's going to be such a stretch I'm not sure I have anything beyond: stay organised enough so that we don't get sucked into total chaos. Which, once a baby arrives on scene, you know is quite a big ask! At least for us.

    Keeping everyone healthy and safe is the best I can hope for at the moment.

  5. Well I have so many that I am already trying to scale back in my mind so I don't immediately fail. Most of my goals are financial as we took on debt with this new house.

  6. Your post inspired me to start getting my act together for 2021! Here are my high-level categories:

    - Family/Friends: Compliment my husband once a day (thanks for this idea - it works!). Visit my newest great nephew in another state at least four times per year. Have regular check-ins or activities with other family members and friends. Adopt dog(s) in the spring.

    - Health: Attend Zumba twice per week. Walk a minimum of 30 minutes at least four days/week. Schedule annual physical on either Valentine's Day or my birthday as a gift to myself and those who love me.

    - Volunteer: Volunteer in person a minimum of twice per week as soon as COVID allows. Take two courses per year to maintain ESL certification. Write cards monthly to the lonely and elderly.

    - Home/Garden: Tackle a minimum of one task per week from the to-do list. (We typically get to more than one, but this "just one thing per week" approach has proven very motivating.)

    - Financial: Buy secondhand whenever possible and use everything we have, food and otherwise. Share the wealth (I'm a retiree so my situation is more use up than save up).