Saturday, December 5, 2020

Saturday happenings

 I've felt a bit under the weather the past few days, so have gotten little done & it's definitely starting to show. I'm going to take it reasonably easy again today, but tackle a few projects along the way.

I also really need to work through our freezer stash of meals. We are out of food storage containers, because we have all of them in in the freezer. Extra meals is a great problem to have, so I will weave them into our menu.

Here's what I'm going to get up today:

  • Menu plan
  • Shopping list
  • Assemble the desk we bought (M will do most). We bought a third standing desk. We've moved into another tier of restrictions, and it doesn't appear anyone is going back to school or work anytime soon. M & I both have back issues that are aggravated by sitting all day. One of the kiddos prefer to mix it up & stand & sit. We're putting the desk in our bedroom. I'm not thrilled by this turn of events, but we need another work area with a sealed door, so each of the bedrooms will be used as an "office/school" now during the day. Previously, M or I were out in the open space, & it's just too distracting. 
  • Make cardamom bread. 
  • Figure out plan for our trip to the beach
  • Clean out the fridge
  • Pay a few bills
  • Start packing list for holiday trip
  • Go for a walk, nice & easy
  • I've sold three things on eBay over the past day, so package those & get them ready for the post office.
  • Watch a Christmas movie this evening with the kids
And, for the menu plan. Here's what we've got on deck:
  • Friday - Nick made enchiladas. It was supposedly a 2 serving dinner, but 3 of us ate it, and there are still two enchiladas in the fridge. Nick cooks a lot, but refuses to eat most food. ;-) He had a grilled cheese. I keep thinking he will come around, what with doing all of the prep. So far, nope. 
  • Saturday - chicken tacos
  • Sunday - big mac sloppy joes (freezer)
  • Monday - parmesan chicken
  • Tuesday - bolognese sauce (freezer) with ravioli
  • Wednesday - carnitas (freezer)
  • Thursday - any remaining leftovers
  • Friday - tbd, but likely chicken alfredo
What about you? What's on the menu this week? Any festive activities happening today? 


  1. I'm sure as Nick gets older his plate will broaden. At least he's exposed to the variety. I like ht eidea tha tyou could have a few pot luck type dinners pull out, heat and serve! Even though my desk chair is comfortable I too need to figure out how to stand more often wile working. The little cart I just bought for th ekitchen might be a good improvised option-when daughter is not needing that room.

    1. That's a great idea to use the cart. We also sometimes swap in a dresser, when we're at our vacation house. It's so much easier on your back if you can stand a bit here & there.

  2. I love that your boys are cooking now, so awesome! My oldest was a picky eater throughout her teens, slowly coming around in her 20's, so hang on, there's still hope!

    We've been eating pretty sadly these past few weeks due to construction around the house - grilled cheese, BLT's, pancakes and eggs - but this week should be much calmer, so we will be eating feta and burger pitas with yogurt sauce (so good!), Mediterranean chicken and rice, tortillini and sauce, plus leftovers.

    We enter hard shutdown again at midnight tonight here in S. California, but nicely we have an outdoor dinner reservation for tonight, which we will enjoy all the more knowing it's the last time until 2021. I'm so thankful our beaches and wilderness areas are remaining open this time around, it will make all the difference!

    1. I can relate to the construction meals! We ate all of our frozen meals, & then moved into some really interesting choices. Lots of convenience food. And, I'm so happy to hear there is still hope, because Nick's eating choices make me batty. I thought for sure once he started cooking, he would branch out. Nope. There's this gorgeous & colorful dish of enchiladas, and he's eating a grilled cheese. ;-)

      We're moving into a hard shutdown as well tomorrow. Even though we're not required to by the governor, our county is proactively opting to. I don't know if it changes anything (no news yet on outdoor soccer), but that's really the only activity that could potentially be impacted. We will still get outside, and will be heading to the Oregon coast towards the end of the month. Lots of beach time in the future!

  3. I hope Son3 and DIL3 make it out of NYC before the potential hard lockdown. Fortunately they have already reserved the rental car because flights could very well be impacted.
    Sone 3 lived on chicken, green beans, and carrots until he was in his teens. Then his world opened slightly but now he eats nearly everything. I thank his wife for that!

    1. Fingers crossed for your son & daughter in law! Nick eats lots of bland food, and his biggest objection is food mixed together (casseroles, sauce on pasta, etc). Luckily, he eats lots of produce & has a protein fruit smoothie for breakfast every day. That's really the only saving grace.

    2. I can identify with Nick's food preferences all too well! Finally realized it primarily was due to my sense of smell not developing when I was young. Constant sinus infections until early twenties, then tapering off into early thirties, when I moved to a climate more acceptable to my sinuses! It's lovely to be able to breathe properly most of the time! :-)

      To this day, I "eat with my eyes." I still cannot identify most individual scents, and when they are combined..let's just say it's very unpleasant! That means I do not have the advance anticipation/warning system most people take for granted. My taste buds are very sensitive and frequently quite revolted by something that looked wonderful. :-( At age 50 I gave myself permission to say NO to many things, including food I can't identify. Plain and simple works well for me!

      TMI, but only to provide a possible source of Nick's limited food preferences--just in case his palate doesn't expand as you think it should. Our family doctor told my parents not to worry too much, as long as I ate healthy food. No problem there--and my palate has expanded a bit over time. But only with trusted sources! lol :-D


    3. Taja - that's so fascinating. Thanks for sharing your experience. It's true that I have it in my mind as "pickiness", when in fact there could be other issues at play.

  4. Seems like we both have the same freezer and container problems. I wrote about that too.

    1. It's a good problem to have - I have the frozen "resources", but not enough space!