Friday, May 20, 2022

Frugal Friday

It hasn't felt very frugal lately, but a few wins here & there.  

Saving on things we buy

  • Used a $20 reward at the grocery store, along with a $1 coupon to pick up a few things. Out of pocket was $15.78, for quite a few items (3 packages of sparkling water, taco shells, ice cream, 4 Gatorades, romaine lesson, salad, & breakfast sausage). I also earned another $5 back between Fetch & iBotta. 
  • On a second trip to the grocery store (you can tell I hadn't been home, and wasn't terribly efficient with my trips. Luckily, the store is 5 minutes from my house), used another $20 reward, & a $1 coupon to pick up some things. (Oat milk, two salads, chicken, protein bars, etc). My out of pocket was $6.46, and I earned $2 via Fetch, and $.25 via iBotta. 
  • I used flight credits for our summer family trip to Bend. M had a United credit from his cancelled holiday travel, which offset the majority of the cost. 
  • I used discounted airline gift cards for flights for the rest of us, saving a bit of additional money.
  • Nick needed an (almost) entirely new wardrobe: underwear, socks, shoes for tennis x2, shorts, tshirts & a hoodie. He's grown tremendously, and is pretty hard on his clothing. That wasn't cheap (to say the least), but I did shop for offers, used gift cards, and clicked through Rakuten where I could. 

Earning money

  • Earned $13 from Rakuten
  • Sold a jacket on eBay, and made $78. The eBay sales have been glacier like (I haven't spent time on this, so unsurprising). It was nice to have a win. 
  • Earned/redeemed a $5 Fetch reward

Avoiding spending

  • Other than optimizing airline flights, I can't think of anything!

Eating what we have

  • We ate all of the leftover lasagna for dinner (could have used one more slice, but the boys filled in with a few snacks after soccer).
  • I made a couple of salads, and topped them with dinner leftovers

For others

  • I'm volunteering as a judge for a UN girls in tech program, and enjoying the work so much. What a highlight of my day. 
That's it from our side. What wins have you had lately? 


  1. Selling even one thing and getting some money towards the ever growing boys wardrobes is a huge win in my book. I came across a bunch our local school sweatshirts, jerseys and other items that I'm sure my daughter won't want to keep. I'm going to offer to my great nieces, but if they have no interest, perhaps we'll try and sell them to get her some money towards a few things for Spain. She wants a better wardrobe for her adventure. I've eaten down a considerable amount and have no idea now what to make for supper. We went out last night-not cheap but we did have a discount coupon for a weeknight.

    1. Nice work eating down the pantry! Love the idea of passing on or selling things that your daughter no longer needs. We also have so much of that for high school, but so far, it's all being used.

      Everything I've ordered so far has fit perfectly & looks really nice, so I'm happy with that, at least.

      We also picked up takeout last night. I was just done, by the end of the day. I opted to order online via the restaurant, & do pick up vs UberEats. I didn't know the restaurant had online ordering, & it was so much cheaper!

  2. Just all the normal. We ate all the bean soup and I have burger thawed out. I am thinking tacos sound good tonight and I have all the fixings.

    1. Tacos are likely on the menu at our house as well. Nick's favorite!

  3. Teenagers, particularly boys, eat hugely and grow enormously. It is a fact of life, so it is best to accept that frugality in spending is not feasible for some time yet. Grin and bear it! Roderick

    1. It's true - there is a constant need for "MORE FOOD"! :-)