Sunday, May 22, 2022

Weekend happenings

Yesterday was a day of soccer (two games, plus one reffing game). One of the games was a 75 minute drive each way, which made for quite the haul. I also managed to get some returns done, and they've been lingering in my closet for awhile, so it felt good to get them out of my way.

I made a delicious chicken yakisoba recipe for dinner, using up a bunch of veggies we had on hand, as well as a package of ramen noodles I'd picked up on clearance for $.25. 

There was also the standard tennis driving (they are paving the courts near our house, so Nick needed more rides than usual. 

As for today, I met a friend for a hike in the morning. My friend is quite athletic, so our workouts are always a good challenge. Today was no exception! 

I came home, and made a double batch of these zucchini muffins. It's my goal to get all of last season's zucchini out of the freezer, before we have more to contend with. The plants are starting to blossom, so I best get on it! I added dried fruit & nuts (happened to have both) & thought they were incredible. I put the nuts through my mini food processor/chopper, to give them a finer consistency/texture. Highly recommend these muffins! 

I washed the sheets, made the bed, did a few loads of laundry, & returned a few of the items that didn't fit Nick. I'd say I've had an 80% success rate for the majority of what I bought (all online), which is a good ratio, all things considered. It's hard to size rapidly growing teens. He definitely is preferring more of a "teen" look, vs his previous athletic shorts & whatever random shirt he could find. It's a fun transition to watch. Sam is still firmly in the athletic short/random shirt phase & despite me asking if I could add a few things for him to the order, he was firm in his no. ;-) Nick's reffing shorts are about to enter booty short territory, so I need to see if I can find a second hand pair of those, and hand off the too small version to someone else.

As for the rest of the day, I'm hoping to read a bit by the pool, & the make egg roll in a bowl for dinner. It was originally on the menu for last night, but I forgot to pick up hoisin sauce. I picked some up today, so we are good to go for tonight's dinner.

Still on the list for today:

  • Pack for tomorrow (I'm going to a yoga class in the am, and then heading to the office, so I'll need a change of clothes)
  • Have the boys call my parents
  • Prep the veggies & make egg roll in a bowl
  • Water the planter boxes
  • Pick lettuce & make a salad
  • Take Nick to his tennis tournament
  • Supervise reluctant teens, who are prepping for finals
That's it from my side. What about you? Any fun plans for today?


  1. I had really earned my keep yesterday helping my sister in law for our nephew's grad party and park cleaning today. I was so beat, I actually napped today. I got a walk in, some coffee, and now my daughter's making us spaghetti for supper. I'll do some plant watering and another load of laundry at some point. The new courts will be nice to play on.

    1. I'm sure your sister in law was appreciative of the help for the grad party! This is also the weekend for that around our house.

  2. The teens and clothes commentary made me smile. My almost 14 year old might wear pants to graduation after all, not quite dress pants more like jean like pants that are not jeans and more dress;, next item to negotiate is a button up shirt. His sneakers are black, so we are settled on that. We have a long weekend and cleaned up the yard and deck. I cooked more than usual and we had friends over for a barbecue. Tomorrow we are going to the US to do some shopping, first time since COVID. Next week will be busy with soccer, a friend's birthday and a full soccer tournament on the weekend. Most things feel back to normal including being very busy at work. I should have put laundry also in each sentence :-; was, is, and will be doing ...

    1. Despite the rise in COVID numbers again, it does feel like I've achieved pre-COVID business, and perhaps beyond. Mostly because my kids are just busier at this age.

      Yay for dressing up for graduation!

  3. I always admire how much you accomplish! You mention hiking often which is something I love to do. I recently spent sometime on the California coast and hiked quite a bit. My favorite hike was one that we took to a waterfall in the Forest of Nisene Marks State Park in the Santa Cruz Mountains near Aptos. At 6.5 miles, it was challenging for me but the beautiful little waterfall was worth the trip. This park is like entering an enchanted forest. -Bee

    1. Oh, that is a beautiful area - about 45 minutes from our house. Aptos is lovely. I've never done that hike, but will put it on the list. We live very close to a nature preserve (can walk in), so that's why hiking is an often activity.

  4. Zucchini already, I am just not going there yet. Have a great week!