Friday, June 24, 2022

Frugal Friday

These weeks are a bit different, with mini trips & the kids out of town. But, we're still looking for wins where we can find them. 

Saving on things we buy

  • I don't know which category this fits in, but we stayed at a hotel on Father's Day, for a mini getaway. The hotel has a "resort fee", which included a lot of fun activities. I took advantage of three fitness classes, and enjoyed them quite a bit. In my area, fitness classes run between $15-25, so three of them was a chunk of value I didn't want to miss. The classes at resorts are often so different than how I'd work out, and I always learn something new. They also made me the good kind of sore, which I appreciate. 

Earning money

  • No real "earning" of money, but I did remember to promptly file an expense report, so I would get reimbursed

Avoiding spending

  • I made Nick chicken between tennis camp & the airport (he ate in the car), as he hadn't had lunch & was starving. He still ate dinner a few hours later, but this avoided some snack purchases, and was healthier than other options. 
  • M was able to get a gate pass with the kids, without paying extra. I don't know if the policy is different by airport, or what. We were prepared to pay, as my sister mentioned that she's always had to when dropping off her kids. 
  • M & I skipped breakfast at the resort. I don't like to eat before working out, and he prefers to fast a bit here & there. Instead, we met up for lunch after we both worked out & showered, and shared a salad & sandwich. Perfect, & delicious. 
  • Picked up a large new container of almonds from a neighbor on Buy Nothing

Eating what we have

  • Used lettuce & peppers from the garden in our salad
  • I forgot to pick up corn to go with our barbecued chicken, so I picked tomatoes & basil from the garden, and mixed them with olive oil, balsamic, salt & pepper. They would have been better with some fresh mozzarella, but were pretty great on their own, as well!
  • Used our first spaghetti squash! Roasted it, shredded it, and served it under a yummy Tomato Chicken Basil recipe. I added fresh tomatoes & basil from the garden on top. 

For others

  • Gave away huge amounts of M's outgrown clothes (he lost weight a year or so ago, and on his frame, 20+ lbs makes a huge difference.)
  • Shared garden produce with neighbors
What about you? Any wins to share? 


  1. Since I have the family here, there have been no wins. In fact I have been a spending machine, but this is their first visit in 3 years (thanks covid) and it is worth every single penny.

    1. It's so worth it to see family! Really glad you are getting the time together.

  2. Good deal on the workouts at the resort. Saves you a bit of money too. I’m not one to eat breakfast very often, I like to wait to eat until I am hungry.

    1. They were great workouts, and it feels like a fun treat to get a chance to try something I wouldn't normally do.

  3. I am basically cooking dinner tonight from free food, rice, chicken, asparagus and garden salad, nothing better than that!

  4. You had a great frugal week. What great savings on those fitness classes.

    God bless.

    1. It was great - I love trying new things on vacations!

  5. If my husband lost 20 pounds, he'd have his pants fall off him! Me, 20 pounds is barely noticeable. I think making parents but gate passes to ensure their minor children are safe and secure is just a mean money grab. You'd already have to pay for parking since not just dropping off unless another driver just drove in circles.

    1. It's definitely wild how much money is involved. This is our first year of letting our kids travel alone. We've also learned to pay for "premium" economy. Otherwise, they have no status (I do when we're all flying together), so they board the flight last, and then there is no room for their bags. However, they are teens, and just wander the aisle, looking for a spot. Now, I pay for premium economy (which, is typically about the same price as checking a bag) & that way, they board early, have time to put their bags up, etc.

      For M, he needed basically a new wardrobe! It would be visible on me, but I could fit into most of my clothes for sure.

  6. I would love to know what activities your parents have planned to keep two active teenagers still engaged with them! We are about 8 years away from our granddaughters being the same age as your boys, but I'm already thinking about it!

    I hope you and M. enjoy every moment of your child-free time! We are currently watching our granddaughters while their parents are away celebrating their anniversary.

    - Tamara R

    1. Oh, they have so much fun together! So far, they've done the following:
      -A few family parties (my extended family all lives near my parents)
      -Guitar lessons (my dad teaches them)
      -Gym outings (Planet Fitness offers free memberships to teens this summer, so there happens to be one near my parents)
      -Mountain biking
      -Trail building/maintenance. My dad is very involved in the mountain bike community, and plans large trail maintenance work parties. You ride in, and then groom the trails (saw logs, clear debris, etc). There is usually a little party/celebration afterward, with people contributing food. The boys love it. They've done 2-3 this summer, at Mount St. Helens
      -Today, they left for Disneyland. (My parents, our two teens, and my nephew, who is 17)

    2. Exactly what I was looking/hoping for . . . thank you so much!

      Tamara R

    3. Tamara, of course! You will have a fabulous time!