Friday, February 24, 2012

If you could do anything this weekend

I know most of us (all of us?) have tons of work, family, etc responsibilities over the weekend, but for whatever reason, I keep fantasizing about what I would do with an entirely free weekend in my own house. (Read, no kids. I would LOVE to have my husband there, so we could go to dinner & such).

Here's what my responsibility free weekend would look like. . . . I would:

  • Do two long runs, catch up on my training plan, & maybe hit a yoga or pilates class at the gym
  • Get a massage
  • Get a pedicure
  • Do a little window shopping, especially for things like shoes, that my kids cannot stand looking at
  • Catch up on my freezer meals & get a bunch of meals stashed away
  • Bake muffins & breads for the freezer
  • Try my hand at homemade tortillas. I've been dying to try a recipe, but never have time.
  • Finish my taxes! I know - it's not very fun, but it's really hard to get this done with the kids at home.
  • Take a bath. Maybe multiple baths.
  • Read my book.
  • Watch romantic comedies
  • Sit in a coffee shop & people watch for an hour, while sipping my latte
  • Meet a girl friend for dinner/drinks.

Of course, that's nothing like what my weekend will actually look like, but a girl's got to dream. :-) Here's what's really on the list for the weekend.

  • One long run, assuming my lungs are recovered from my cold
  • Maybe getting the time to add 1-2 freezer meals to our stash
  • Taking the kids to soccer practice
  • Taking the kids skiing on Sunday
  • Various meal preparations
  • Laundry
  • Homework assistance
  • House cleaning
Okay, so tell me - if you had the weekend entirely free from commitments of any kind, how would you spend it?!

Happy Friday! And, I finally figured out how to turn off the comment validation (you having to enter those crazy word phrases when you want to comment), so I hope that makes things easier!


  1. Oh, how I LOVE this post! I'm finding myself in a position to do as I wish this weekend (my hubby and youngest son are away) and I need to take FULL advantage of it! I think I'll start with a bath, use the "good" bath salts and lotions, and get on some compfy sweats. Then head to the craft room and watch a movie and do some scrapbooking. What else should I do? Maybe give myself a pedicure, plan my menu for next week and maybe make/freeze a casserole. Exercise. Not sure! Thanks for the reminder that we need to take advantage of these weekends when we have them!

  2. Oh this will sounds bad but I generally do have my weekends to myself and lots of times find myself bored! I do my long runs on Saturday and then have coffee with friends after. Sunday morning I go to church but other than that the days are generally free. Soon I will have a budget that will allow for a little more fun. :) Hope you have a great weekend!

  3. I did have a responsibility free weekend last weekend, and it is amazing how sidetracked you can still get!