Monday, October 22, 2012

Goals for the week

I feel exhausted just thinking about the week ahead, but I love planning out my action items. It makes me feel more "in control". :-)

Here's what I need to accomplish this week:
  1. 5 cardio workouts, 3 strength workouts, 2 pilates/yoga workouts
  2. Meal prep
  3. M's out of town, so I'll be handling both soccer practices solo
  4. Ski bus sign ups (we're signing S up for ski bus on early dismissal days in the winter. He'll get to ride a bus up to the mountain, ski for half a day in a lesson with his buddies, & then the bus takes the kids back to school in the evening.) It's an awesome program, but I'll be on my own with the boys, & you have to be in line at least 90 minutes before sign up starts. Fun times, for sure.
  5. Work on Hawaii packing list.
  6. Get blood drawn. I've put off a ton of appointments over the past few months, since work was so crazy. Time to catch up.
  7. Call for a doctor's appointment
  8. Visit the dentist.
  9. Clean out my closet. Still on the to do list. ;-)
  10. Make granola bars or cookies for the after soccer game snacks on Saturday
  11. Bake (a bunch of stuff)
  12. Make two freezer meals
  13. Start handing off all of my work, as I transition roles.
  14. Finalize our Hawaii budget.
  15. Call the Department of Transportation about our ongoing battle on property access rights. This has been a nightmare that has caused much loss of sleep.
I think that will do it! What's on your to do list this week?

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