Saturday, October 27, 2012

Weekend roundup

I'm exhausted, & it's not even 8:00 here in Seattle. Work was insane on Thursday, & I worked throughout the night & still had to go into the office all day on Friday. Fun times. :-) Two weeks left at this job, & fingers crossed that my new role will be less intense. I've been clenching my jaw so much at work that I had to see the dentist - I have pain radiating in my face & a terrible headache. In positive dieting news, I can't eat very many foods, as it's just too painful. . . . looking at the bright side!

So, what have I done today? I went to two (extremely rainy) soccer games, made four batches of Chicken & Black Bean Taquitos for the freezer, a double batch of Italian Baked Chicken Pastina (both for the freezer), and for dinner, I made Butternut squash pesto pasta. It was super yummy. I added grilled chicken (from our freezer stash) & served it with salad. . . and wine.

I also went for a four mile run & managed to get out & back before the rain started up again. It was the best run in months & I thoroughly enjoyed it. I think I needed to just run from all of the stress from work. It was fabulous!

I went to the mall to return a couple of shirts for the kids. I'm on a mission to find cute summery outfits (so easy to find this time of year) that will be appropriate for our Christmas cards. Come again, you say? We're heading to Hawaii in a few weeks, & want to take Christmas pictures of the kids on the beach. Still missing a red polo shirt, so I'll have to either order something online, or keep searching at various local stores. My time is very limited these days, but we'll see what I can do.

I want to make either banana muffins or banana cookies for the kids lunches this week, so I'm hoping to get that done tomorrow, as well as swimming lessons, a workout of some sort, & take the boys to a Halloween party. :-)

And, because I need the accountability, here's what I actually accomplished on the giant to do list this week. I did squeeze all of this in between an 80 hour work week, so I'm pleased that I managed to do anything.

  1. 5 cardio workouts, 3 strength workouts, 2 pilates/yoga workouts - I've done 4 cardio workouts, & hope to finish the 5th tomorrow. I've only done 1 strength workout, & no pilates/yoga. :-(
  2. Meal prep - Done!
  3. M's out of town, so I'll be handling both soccer practices solo - Done!
  4. Ski bus sign ups (we're signing S up for ski bus on early dismissal days in the winter. He'll get to ride a bus up to the mountain, ski for half a day in a lesson with his buddies, & then the bus takes the kids back to school in the evening.) It's an awesome program, but I'll be on my own with the boys, & you have to be in line at least 90 minutes before sign up starts. Fun times, for sure.  - Done!
  5. Work on Hawaii packing list.  - The list itself isn't done, but I've been working on it! Almost there.
  6. Get blood drawn. I've put off a ton of appointments over the past few months, since work was so crazy. Time to catch up.  - Yes! Done.
  7. Call for a doctor's appointment  -Not done. Must do this on Monday.
  8. Visit the dentist. - Done!
  9. Clean out my closet. Still on the to do list. ;-) - Nope.
  10. Make granola bars or cookies for the after soccer game snacks on Saturday - Switched to cheese popcorn (purchased) instead. Too crazy this week to make something.
  11. Bake (a bunch of stuff) - Nope.
  12. Make two freezer meals - Done!
  13. Start handing off all of my work, as I transition roles. - Sadly, no. They extended my transition time by another week. :-(
  14. Finalize our Hawaii budget. - Done!
  15. Call the Department of Transportation about our ongoing battle on property access rights. This has been a nightmare that has caused much loss of sleep. - Oh my gosh, this is finally done. After 5 months of hell. The end result was not exactly what we wanted, but we had to close this out by a deadline & squeaked in with one day to spare.
And how about all of you? Did you have a productive week/Saturday? Hope you are all staying safe in the pending storm!


  1. Sounds like you're busy, busy!! :) What about looking for summer stuff online? Someone must have something... lol! Clearance racks maybe since its out of season?

  2. Thanks for the recommendation - that's my backup plan! My mom thinks she found something, & is bringing up a few choices next weekend.

    In hilarious news, I did find a red polo at Nordstrom, but it was Burberry, $55. Yeah, no. ;-)