Monday, December 17, 2012

Weekly Spending Roundup

It was a sad weekend. As the mom of a 5 & 6 year old, the Newtown tragedy struck way too close to home. It was difficult to send the kids on the school bus this morning.

It's trivial, but focusing on the small details of my life is a welcome distraction right now. Nothing is more trivial than my weekly spending roundup, so here goes.
  • Monday
    • Rite Aid - Mascara. This was a "try it for free" item, so I've filled out the rebate & should be getting this back, minus the tax. - $9.80
    • Gift for networking contact. (This is someone who did a call, reviewed my resume, & may be a great contact down the road when I'm job searching.) - $40.86
  • Tuesday
    • No spend day!
  • Wednesday
    • No spend day!
  • Thursday
    • No spend day!
  • Friday
    • $5.79 - groceries for our holiday party with friends on Sunday.
    • $7.67 - soap at Rite Aid
    • $7.19 - blush at Rite Aid. This pushed me over to get a $5 UP reward.
    • $13.15 - birthday gift at Victoria's Secret. I had a gift card for the rest of the bill.
    • $515 - appraisal fee for our refinance
    • $87.39 - gas
    • $93.98 - groceries at Costco
  • Saturday
    • No spend day!
  • Sunday
    • $20.11 - Cash & carry for lime juice & a few other random things.
Total spent last week = $800.94, with $515 as the big (unplanned) expense towards our refinance.

We did try to focus on fun holiday stuff this weekend, especially given that our kids know nothing about what happened. We baked Christmas cookies on Friday & went to look at lights, we attended my nephew's birthday party on Saturday, & I did a holiday race on Sunday & we had our annual gift exchange with family friends.

Goal for the week? To embrace my family.


  1. Without the appraisal fee it would have been pretty awesome huh? ;) lol! You have a *BEAUTIFUL* family btw!!!

    1. Thank you! It's an old picture (and, not sure why I'm hunched over), but it's one of my favorites. It's funny how few pictures of all four of us I actually have. One person is normally behind the camera.

      And yes, would have been a great week without the pesky fee! I'm expecting another one next week for our vacation house. The fun continues.

  2. Yay for the 4 no spend days!

    Love the picture!