Thursday, January 29, 2015

February Goals

Can't wait for a new month, and new goals!! We're just closing in on January, and it's almost time to start fresh. :-)


  • Meet with financial planner
  • Figure out boys college accounts (potentially the Utah 529 plan - contingent upon our meeting with a financial planner).
  • Stick to our budget
  • Hand off all tax paperwork by 2/10, to qualify for the "early bird" discount from our accountant
  • Figure out boys birthday parties
  • Keep working with both boys on responsibility, friendship, & citizenship
  • Get my youngest to try two new foods.

  • Lose 2 pounds
  • Track my food/exercise
  • Run 20 miles
  • Complete 700 minutes of cardio
  • Complete 10 strength workouts & 8 stretching workouts

  • Revamp my meeting schedule. We have an organizational shift, so some people are moving onto a new team, and I'm getting additional staff.
  • Work out 8 weekday mornings

Giving back
  • Volunteer at school at least once, log my hours (my work will donate money in exchange)
  • Pick & donate all fruit we can't eat to nonprofit
  • Sort through my closet. Donate, sell, toss.
  • Plan/book date night with M
  • Do something social with a friend. Maybe a hike.
  • Read 4 books.
  • Try a new recipe (with a focus on something that my youngest will actually eat)

What about you? What are you hoping to accomplish in February? 


  1. You are on the ball! I was going to sit down this weekend and try to hash some out, maybe Monday though. Don't push too hard - I worry about your health!

    1. I've been feeling really great. I know it's about taking care of myself (sleep, keeping the stress under control, and exercising), but balancing all of that is a lot of work. ;-)

  2. Is your "work out 8 week day mornings" under your work/career goals referring to exercise? You might have sqeezed in another fitness goal in disguise if that be the case.

    And can I just say I love reading your goals each month. They are very motivating to me.

    1. It's kind of both, but getting in a workout before work means that I'm appropriately prioritizing my health over a slightly earlier start at work, which is all good. It also helps me manage my stress during the work day!

      Thank you - I'm not very motivated unless I have concrete goals to focus on. :-)

  3. I am curious to see what the financial planner has to say about 529 plans. I know that the current idea to tax returns is not likely to make it anywhere at this point, but it makes me wonder about the future and if we would be better off just contributing to a mutual fund in our names or something. We do get a break on our state taxes though.

    1. I've thought about it as well, and whether it make sense to have more flexibility. We might do that in the future as well. For this year, since our contribution is pretty minimal ($2500), I opted for the 529s, because it was easiest & I knew if I didn't tuck the money away now, it wasn't going to happen. We don't get a break on our taxes, so there's no specific benefit to us.