Saturday, January 24, 2015

It's the weekend!

I'm so very happy that it's Saturday! I also received my bonus yesterday, so I've accomplished one of my January goals, and maxed out my 401K for the year! My paychecks will be larger each month, so I'll need to ensure I'm appropriately funneling our extra money to our savings account.

Here's what's happening today:

  • Two soccer games, and a basketball game. Go big, or go home. ;-)
  • A fun dinner, as I'll have more time to cook: blackened tilapia, rice, salad, & balsamic roasted baby carrots. Plus a fun drink! 
  • I had a great run in the sunshine! It's currently 72 degrees outside. Wow! Is it really January?
  • We looked at a house down the street that had just come on the market. It's listed at $2.4M, and will easily sell for over that, and we hated everything about it. At least we're not tempted to spend the money? ;-)
  • I have about a zillion tax related things to take care of, for our accountant.
  • Laundry. Oh, and some more laundry. With two kids in sports, plus regular wear & such, we' have a boatload of laundry each week.

And, for tomorrow! 
  • Soccer carpool
  • Homemade pizza
  • Yoga (MUST DO!)
  • Menu planning
  • Schedule planning for the week ahead
  • Running (in the sun)
  • Some budgeting work
  • And, maybe a little kitchen time. Muffins & cookies to stock the freezer.

How about you? How is your weekend turning out? Hope it's great!

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