Monday, January 12, 2015

Menu Plan Monday

Here's what's on the menu for the week. In shocking news - we stuck completely to our menu last week!! I'm not sure that's ever happened before. ;-)

  • Monday - Tilapia - maybe this blackened tilapia recipe, or this baked tilapia recipe). We have a giant bag of tilapia taking up a bunch of space in the freezer, so I need to start using it. It was a grocery purchase mishap. I meant for M to get breaded tilapia, which is a quick & easy dinner to bake up. He bought the uncooked filets, which are more challenging for me to prepare during the week. But, they are expensive & healthy, so time to start using them up!
  • Tuesday (I have a work dinner) - I will defrost beef kebabs for M and the kids, and M will make rice to go with it.
  • Wednesday - Spaghetti bolognese (freezer) with garlic bread
  • Thursday (again, work dinner :-(() - M & the kids will have leftover kebabs & rice
  • Friday - Pesto shrimp pasta (shrimp & homemade pesto from the freezer)
  • Saturday - Grilled chicken (freezer) + Greek Quinoa Salad
  • Sunday - Homemade pizza (using kebabs, if we have any left, or grilled chicken & goat cheese)
What about you? How did you do with your menu plan last week? What's on the menu for this week?

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  1. I make the uncooked tilapia filets by putting them into a pan with lemon juice, salt and pepper and baking for about 15-20 minutes when they're cooked. Super easy and very good. The lemon juice adds flavor and hardly any calories.