Saturday, January 3, 2015

Happy Saturday, and 2014 End of Year Net Worth

We don't have much on the agenda today, & I'm very excited about that. I have seven giant tubs ready for the donation pile! I have a bunch of decluttering to complete, plus I'd like to make cookies for the kids lunches this week.

Other tasks to complete:
  • Yoga
  • Go for a run
  • Laundry/sheets
  • Menu plan
  • Clean freezers/fridges
  • Work in the yard
  • Figure out our plans for our February trip.
Okay, and onto our 2014 net worth. . . 

I've been tracking our end of the year net-worth since 2010, and it's nice to see the progress. Our net worth is up about $1.1M since we began tracking, and our net worth is up 43.8% since this time last year. Woohoo! What are the big differences? An increase in our Seattle house value, a decrease in our vacation house value (although, offset by the previous), continuing to pay down our property loans, and a sizable lift in our 401Ks.

Some of our stock vested, and now belongs to us, so it's considered in our net worth. I don't count company as an asset until it's in our brokerage account.

Our 401Ks continue to grow, and we max them out each year.

How about you? Do you track your net worth? How did you do with your net worth in 2014?


  1. What do you use to track the value of your homes? That is my main issue with not tracking net worth at this point. Also, do you include anything besides home and investments? Honestly, i haven't the first clue what to add to make up the net worth! We have always just fought to get out of debt.

    1. We use a combination of zillow & our knowledge of the local market. For our house in Seattle, we have a very good sense of the market value. For the beach house, the market is super unstable there (as we know, since we tried to sell), so we went with a much more conservative number. Basically, it should represent the price you could get if the house sold.

      We just track our houses, 401Ks, & investments. That's all. Our cars aren't part of it - we figure we'll need to replace them at some point. We simply add our total assets, minus our liabilities (home mortgages, no other debt) & that's our net worth.

      Good luck!

    2. Good to know you keep it simple. I read that you should include works of art and jewelry, cars and other things of greater value, but I wasn't so keen on that because of the fluctuating costs AND those type of things are only valuable to the beholder mostly. Easy to do!

    3. I'm all about simple. We don't have any valuable art, and I'm not interested in tracking our jewelry & cars. I'm not much of a jewelry person, and i'll pass on my wedding ring to our kids when the time comes. They can sell it or use it for another ring, or whatever. For cars, we drive them until they fall apart, and then replace, so it's not really an asset.

      Like you said, keep it simple, so it's easy to track! :-)

  2. Seems like everyone has the decluttering bug! My goal for today is to clean out the girls closets and get everything I've been meaning to list on email for a while now finally listed.

    1. I relisted our last pair of kids skis/boots. I had ten+ offers over the holidays (we were out of town), & I've had zero at any other time. I missed my window! :-)

      Good luck with your decluttering.

  3. Good job and on the decluttering! I added another big box & crockpot to our pile today! :) Still working on it!

    1. It is such a work in progress. I finally got M to give up some random electronics that came with us when we moved. I cleaned the pantry, and keeping on top of kid stuff (clothes, toys, books, games, etc) is a never ending project! :-)

  4. Doesn't it feel good to get rid of stuff?! I've definitely been inspired by a lot of bloggers recently :)

    Congrats on your net worth increase!!