Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Weekly spending report - 1/12-1/18/15

Tracking & reporting on my weekly spending has been very helpful in the past, so I'm trying to bring that good habit back! Last week was a great week (I actually made money, due to low spending & eBay sales). I wasn't as lucky this week. ;-) I also made time for a date with Sam, and there were no good kids movies at the place I have a groupon (of course), so we went to another theater. I always forget how expensive it is to go to the cinema!

  • Monday - no spend day
  • Tuesday - $26.47 on groceries at Costco. I had an insane week at work, and was basically MIA for the entire week, so my guess is M picked up a pizza and other easy dinner options. I've never seen a receipt for this, so just a guess. ;-) 
  • Wednesday - no spend day
  • Thursday - $240 - signed the boys up for a half day camp, during their week off in February. Our nanny will cover the additional half days.
  • Friday -
    • $495 - two weeks of time for our nanny
    • $71.02 - gas for one car
    • $34.04 - gas for another car
  • Saturday -
    • $10.26 - produce stand
    • $3.59 at Rite Aid for notecards for a school project, plus a mailing envelope.
    • $133.42 at Costco
    • $16.75 - lunch at Pizza My Heart, between basketball games
  • Sunday
    • +$69.19 on an eBay sale.
    • $19.64 at Trader Joes. Mostly, snacks for the four events we're 
    • $5.70 at Rite Aid. Snacks for the movies, plus a Valentine's Day item.
    • $6.79 at AMC for popcorn
    • $19.98 at AMC for movie tickets
    • $1.70 - produce stand, again. We forgot to pick up a couple of things for dinner.
Total spend for the week = $995.53. Out of that, $735 was childcare, so an unavoidable expense. There were some splurges on this long weekend (namely, lunch out & a trip to the movies). The rest of the expenses were pretty standard weekend.

How about you? Are you tracking your weekly spending? How are you doing? 

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  1. Holy Cow childcare is so bloody expensive. In a couple of years the boys will be old enough to be on their own for a few hours and thankfully that expense will disappear.