Sunday, January 11, 2015

Simple Sunday

I started off my morning by taking five boys to soccer. That was quite the carpool. ;-) While they ran around the gym learning the finer points of Futsal, I ran around the track. Until I got disturbed by work - again. Second time with an urgent demand this weekend. Super not fun. :-(

After all of the soccer drop offs, I made lunch for my hungry troops, showered, did a work call, and ran some errands for the week.

Now I'm *hoping* to read my book for a bit. I have a crazy work schedule next week, so I'm trying to enjoy the weekend as much as possible. Here's what's on the agenda for the rest of the day:

  • Pushups. 30, as part of my pushup challenge.
  • Wrap a gift for a kid birthday party.
  • Make dinner - blackened tilapia & rice.
  • Pack lunches for tomorrow.
  • Work on a book report with my son. He's in third grade, so while he most definitely does his own work, he needs a bit of support from the parents. ;-) M has spent hours with him, working on his handwriting, and it's made a tremendous difference!
  • Laundry. Always. Always.
  • Fill out two parent teacher surveys.
  • Package up two eBay sales. Yes!!! I haven't done eBay in a long time, but as part of the decluttering, I had a Surface & an old iPad to sell. I made $221 between the two, and have the money earmarked for the boys college accounts. 
  • I also listed a FitBit today - new in the package, so hopefully that will get that sold next week.
  • Finalizing our summer calendar. I know it's crazy, but I have a bunch of work trips to plan (8 international trips, and a few domestic) plus a lot of family activities & camps, so I need to work through all of the details.
Other than that, M & I had a date last night. It was one of those nights where we forgot to make a reservation, everything was booked, there were no seats in the bar, the third restaurant we tried was closed, but we ended up having fun anyway. Just relaxing and hanging out together is fun. ;-) Although the restaurant we ended up in was more expensive than we had planned for. Such is life. ;-)

Okay, that's pretty much it! Fingers crossed for a little bit of relaxing time, before the dinner/homework rush begins. How about you? What are you doing this Sunday?

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