Monday, July 18, 2016

Menu plan, Napa recap, & a few frugal things

I'm back from a fantastic girls trip to Napa. Lots of girl time was had, as well as lots of laughs. And champagne. ;-)

I threw together a quick menu, so I wouldn't be scrambling mid-week. Here's the plan.

  • Saturday - beef kebabs, rice, yogurt sauce, & homemade lemon drops (courtesy of my lovely husband)
  • Sunday - fresh Sockeye salmon with rice & salad
  • Monday - leftover kebabs (me, kids), & salmon (M) with rice & salad
  • Tuesday - at a concert (freebie tickets from work), where food will be served. Kids will eat with the sitter.
  • Wednesday - Salmon, kebab & rice leftovers
  • Thursday - tacos, chips, & guacamole
  • Friday - homemade risotto (with chicken sausage & peppers)
  • Saturday - calzones
  • Sunday - grilled fish or steak
And, a few frugal things, in a decidedly non-frugal week:
  • I was able to arrange (and participate) in carpools & adjust my work week so that I didn't need any after care at all last week. This will save me around $200.
  • I utilized a free work gift card to buy lunch on my way to Napa. Saved $10 (out of pocket, $.21). :-)
  • I utilized a free work gift card to buy $20 of bakery items when my friends were in town. Leftovers will go to the kids lunches this week. Out of pocket, $0.
  • I found a nanny (fingers crossed! Waiting for final acceptance) & was able to negotiate for $1/hour less than what we are paying now. This is commensurate with her experience level, but every bit helps.
  • We used an Uber to get back & forth between a few wineries. Much cheaper than other transportation options, and of course, safe when having a tasting.
  • I won free tickets to the Barenaked Ladies concert tomorrow, in addition to a free parking pass & food/drink options. Not an entirely free date night (I paying for a sitter), but I'll take it. A huge win!
If I manage to secure a nanny for the upcoming school year, I will consider this week a huge win! What about you? What's on the menu? Any big frugal plans for the week?


  1. With all your spare time, yes tongue in cheek, would love for you to post your yogurt sauce recipe. Your organization amazes me.

    1. Ha! It's my husband's recipe from his dad. I know it has: yogurt, cucumber (seeds removed as much as possible), onion, dill, salt, & garlic. It's super delish. I'll see if I can get more details when he makes it next. I use it on everything! Important to have a thicker yogurt & whip it before you add the other ingredients (if it's not Greek yogurt), as that gives it a better consistency.