Sunday, September 4, 2016

A long weekend Sunday

My favorite kind of Sunday, after all. ;-) I'm listening to the sounds of three boys (Nick had a friend sleepover last night) play Nerf guns. They've been at it since 6:30, pausing briefly for breakfast. We're also heading to an outdoor movie/potluck at a friend's house this evening. Here's what's on the agenda/to do list for today:

  1. Cardio of some sort
  2. Yoga
  3. Make lemon bread to bring to the party
  4. Plan the menu for the week
  5. Laundry
  6. Wash all sheets/make all beds
  7. Return books to the library
  8. Take the kids to a local farm with a swimming pool
  9. Plan schedule for the week, including work schedule, carpools, etc. 
  10. Clean fridge & freezer
I think that will do it! Having a bonus day makes the weekends so much more relaxing. What about you? What's on your agenda for today? If you are in the US, are you taking advantage of the long weekend?


  1. That is the most relaxing day (minus cleaning fridge) I've seen you post in a long time! Have fun. We have the same long weekend. What started as an intended 2 day break from the Company with 1 day of work (Monday) to catchup when no one else is working turned into something else. Stepson #2 wrote his car off Thursday (no injuries) so we have been calling/texting regarding insurance and car replacement advise. Friday morning Motherinlaw fell and broke her hip. Friday night up all night as she was rushed to Edmonton University hospital for emergency surgery. Had surgery last night, we went to bed early so just found out it went well. Waaay too much excitement. I think we are going to go for a long walk with the dog today. We all need it.

    1. You are correct! The bonus weekend day means that I can actually plan for some relaxation & fun. :-) I'm so sorry to hear about the car accident, but thank goodness for no injuries. Good thoughts coming your way for your MIL. And you are right - way too much going on & you do need a way to clear your mind, relax, & stay calm so you can deal with all of the challenges on your plate - not to mention all of the work!!

  2. Sounds like a good full day!

    Today I am resting and trying not to go crazy with the recuperation from my surgery! LOL I am also planning on sorting through some papers on the computer desk and maybe working on our vacation photo book.

    We are not really doing anything this weekend as I am not cleared to do much of anything. So we will just hang out at home.

    1. It was a really nice day with the family. I only had to rest for a week with my surgery& I went stir crazy! Hope you are relaxing & healing, taking time to fully recover.