Wednesday, September 21, 2016

The make do menu plan

Because I wasn't planning to be around much this week, I didn't build a real menu plan. M & the kids typically eat out a bit more frequently, eat pizza, etc, so even if I make a meal plan, they don't stick to it. ;-) However, fate intervened & I'm still here, & it's taken a bit of scrambling to get everyone fed. Here's what we've eaten & what's planned for the rest of the week:

  • Sunday - homemade pizza & calzones (chicken pesto for the adults & canadian bacon for the kids)
  • Monday - a variety of leftovers. I had chicken pilaf, M had leftover curry & spicy eggplant from our "date night", and the kids had leftover orzo & chicken. 
  • Tuesday - leftover homemade pizza + edamame
  • Wednesday - enchiladas (from the freezer)
  • Thursday - quinoa, chicken & edamame
  • Friday - I leave early to fly to Seoul, so I'm guessing the boys will eat pepperoni pizza. Yes, that's a lot of pizza in a week. ;-)
  • Saturday - boys are on their own
  • Sunday - boys are on their own
All I have to say is, thank goodness for freezer meals! In other news, I've sold a few items on my FB group (a Frozen DVD, a top sheet from my son's bed when he moved out of the crib - he's 10 ;-), and a bunch of books the boys were done reading. In fascinating things I don't understand, I posted a total of 20 books (shown in a photo) for $10. They were 6 of one series, 14 of another. Someone reached out & wanted just one series & made me an offer of $8. Great, fair enough. Our FB exchange is porch pickup only, so she stopped by & left the money under the mat. I added a comment to my original post with a note that I only had the other series left (6 books). The same person came back & offered me $3 for those books. . . So, why she paid $1 more for the books in two batches, I have no idea. And, why she didn't want them the first time, it's all a huge mystery. Anyway, the books are gone, & I made a total of $21 on my sales, but more importantly, got rid of a bunch of stuff we don't need around the house. Win/win!

Hope your weeks are going swimmingly!


  1. Ooh-that will pay for pizza! Hey email me at to verify email. You were my survey winner I believe but want to match to send ecard.

    1. Sorry - just saw that! Email sent. I'm obviously an email slacker with that account

  2. I use my facebook selling group the same way. One girl who lives down the street from me bought 2 pillows last week, meant to bid on a DVD but it expired and I removed it and she messaged me to buy them - a win for both of us as I didn't have to relist them. Kids like pizza, I don't think its the end of the world if they eat it a couple times a week as you don't do that every week.

    1. Exactly - it's so easy to use. I go through spurts where I don't have anything to sell, and then suddenly, much more. I love getting rid of things. Our group is mostly focused on kid stuff. I have a bunch of more household/adult things to sell (okay, that sounded funny, but adult clothes, etc :-)), and I haven't found a good group for that. And yes, they will survive with the pizza. They never eat the Costco kind of dinner (maybe a lunch 1x/month?) unless I'm out of town. I make my own typically, as it's so much better!

  3. Way to go on the facebook selling. I have a ton of stuff I need to list but haven't found the time too.

    My kids would eat pizza every night if I let them! LOL

    Have a good trip!